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The Legendary Heavyweight George Foreman spoke yesterday on the conversation he had with Deontay Wilder following his defeat to Tyson Fury.

Foreman made the comparison of his knockout loss back in 1974 to Muhammad Ali for an example, telling TMZ “I told Wilder, I had a conversation with him, I said, ‘Now, once a rematch is made, the title is vacant again.’

“You’ve gotta look at it like that, you can’t say, ‘I want my title back,’ you’ve got a rematch so your title is there. Just grab it again.

“I had a nice conversation with him, it was a two-way thing. I expressed some things that we needed to talk about and he was interested in listening to them.

“And the guy is a very sensitive man. Deep down he’s just a sensitive guy and we spoke on that basis.”

Foreman was asked if the conversation was based on boxing technique or general life advice, saying “It’s all of the above, all of the above.

“Because I was in a position where I’ve lost unexpectedly with the title in Africa.

“Only I know what he’s going through, only I.

“He’s gonna have to live with that, but I can show him how to live with that and come back better. We talked on those lines.”

The rematch with Ali would never materialise but he did however make an historic comeback as the oldest heavyweight champion 20 years on.

When asked if Wilder can beat Fury in the rematch, Foreman concluded: “Not only beat him, he can do it easily.

“As a matter of fact, he could’ve won that boxing match.

“Things people take for granted, they go into trainers, overwhelmed with all this publicity, and they just don’t know how to take advantage of that day. That’s what happened to him.”

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