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By Sean Bastow The converted Lord Lonsdale belt is up for grabs on Saturday night (July 13th) as British heavyweight prospects Daniel Dubois (11-0, 10KOs) and Nathan Gorman (16-0, 11KOs) will battle it out to be crowned not only the British champion but also the next best British heavyweight prospect to potentially go on to world honors.

This simmering rivalry has been has been touted for a while with both men eager to push on in their career’s knowing that they was on a collision course from the moment they both turned professional.

The careers of both men to date have been impressive, Dubois has stepped up in level of opposition over the past few fights having faced and beat Tom Little, Kevin Johnson, Razvan Cojanu and most recently Richard Lartey. The latter being the most explosive performance to date showing he is willing to go in to deep waters to get the job done.

Gorman has had an impressive twelve months having beaten, Sean Turner, dangerous journeyman Kamil Sokolowski as well as victories over mutual opponents Razvan Cojanu & Kevin Johnson, with the bout with Cojanu being the only difference maker between the two as Gorman went the scheduled distance with the former world title challenger whereas Dubois stopped Cojanu in their bout earlier this year.

Both fighters have a different style which will be the telling factor in the fight, Gorman is considered to have the edge when it comes to speed, with his fast hands and impressive footwork he has been able to out hustle his opponents getting in and out of range quick enough not to take too much on the way out. Gorman has also shown he has a great engine having gone the distance on more than one occasion.

Dubois is considered to be the bigger puncher in the contest, and his record suggests so having stopped all but one opponent. His punch accuracy and ability to fight on the inside has been impressive to date, however questions have been asked over his stamina and whether or not he can be consistent over the distance. In the bout with Kevin Johnson he looked labored and sluggish, however this was the first occasion he had gone more than five rounds.


The fight itself is going to be the first time we expect both men to have to go deep into the trenches and it is likely to be a tentative opening few rounds as both men look to gain the upper hand on one another. If Dubois can stamp his authority on the fight early with his power then it is possible he could take Gorman to a place he has never been in his pro career to date.

Gorman will have to utilise his speed, footwork and head movement to avoid the power of Dubois, and his combination punching on the inside will play a telling factor if he can get in and out of the pocket quick enough not to get caught.


Ultimately this is a huge fight for both men at such an early stage of their career and a loss for either fighter should not have too much of an effect at this point.

I see Nathan Gorman being too slick and too quick for Dubois, but I expect a few rocky moments throughout the bout with Gorman coming out the victor with a unanimous decision over the twelve round distance


Unlike the majority of the opinion, I’m not of the opinion that this solely comes down to which perceived to be the best, the boxer or the puncher but rather looking a little deeper we will find two fighters capable of lending an argument to the others traits.

Nathan Gorman we know is the consensus choice for being the better boxer of the two, quick hands, good movement and a lovely jab are to his advantage whilst across from him on Saturday night will present Daniel Dubois a monstrous puncher with the ability to set up the right hand with his clever footwork and ability to gauge distance.

It would, however, be naive of me to believe that Gorman cant score a knockout, proving the point valid in that only five opponents have taken him the distance, it would, on the other hand, be also naive of me to allow myself into believing that Dubois is a one trick pony, showing his high boxing IQ in the brief time he allows his opponents to stay in there.

This prediction is the sheer definition of a 50/50 to which I have gone back and forth for the remainder of the promotion, pushed into making a choice I think it will come down to the narrowest of margins where I find myself siding slightly with Dubois with the reach advantage being my main focus.

Therefore I see Dubois deterring Gorman with the long jab before setting up the right hand that detonates on the chin of Gorman around the eighth to seal the deal.

Don’t however be surprised to see Gorman ahead on the scorecards before that moment.


Firstly, in a sport that is becoming more and more littered with watered down trinkets, it’s great to see this traditional title getting the high profile attention it deserves. And with two young, hungry and unbeaten fighters contesting it, the British title is once again thrust to the forefront.

Nathan Gorman appears a solid fighter who does things well but nothing particularly outstanding. He likes to throw that long left hook, especially as a counter, but he seems to lack real power and can fall in to patches of not doing much. Daniel Dubois is without a doubt the puncher in this fight. Capable of taking a man out with either hand, he certainly is sending all of the right signals. His lack of experience though has seen him messed around by Kevin Johnson, a common foe, and he can also be guilty of smothering his own work. But for both men, that’s all part of the learning process. A loss here would only be a minor setback for either as they move up the heavyweight ladder. For me Dubois will be the one to climb first. I think he has too many tools for Gorman whom, if I’m being honest, I can’t see progressing above European level. I expect the fight to end spectacularly before round four, although wouldn’t be surprised if it ends inside of two. 


This promises to be a great domestic heavyweight fight and i suspect that there will be at least one trip to the canvas before its over.Do you go for Gorman over 12 rounds or Dubois inside the distance?

Gorman needs to be smart and fight a 12 rounder, he needs to utilize his hand speed then get out of range, he has the greater shot selection of the two but Dubois is my favourite in this fight. I expect him to keep it long and straight, use that big jab to set up the powerful artillery with a variety of stiff right hands to head and body I feel it could be tight right up until past halfway with Gorman probably edging his way up on the cards marginally but depending on the pace of the fight Dubois to take his man out between 8 and 12 rounds


On paper, this is an exciting fight between two of Britain’s best young Heavyweights, who both proudly carry lots of hype, promise and undefeated records into the contest, but I can’t get too excited over it personally. I don’t know why, but for me, both come across quite timid and quiet in interviews and strangely neither has really got me too excited when I’ve watched their fights.

That said I don’t want to dumb down what I’m sure will be a good contest and one where the loser will have time and opportunities to come again and prove their worth.

I can’t really split them too much but back to back stoppage wins over Razvan Cojanu and Richard Lartey, (Gorman himself went the distance with Cojanu at the back end of 2018), for me makes Dubois the slight favourite though I question if he’s got enough to put away the tough Gorman, and think maybe it’s a fight that will play out for the full twelve rounds and see Dubois take a close but deserved points victory.

Hopefully down the line both of their careers will take off even more and maybe we will see them meet again. I suppose one plus is that they actually are fighting one another and not afraid to lose that 0 unlike Tyson Fury and David Price some six or seven years ago who skirted around one another, called each other out and domestically proved they were the best two British Heavyweights at the time only to avoid facing one another. Since then, of course, their careers have been polar opposites as we know. Let’s hope the same fate of Price doesn’t await either of Dubois or Gorman in the coming years and both are challenging for world honours in the future.


I’m looking forward to this show. The Fight is finally poised with both men going into it confident of the win coming through tough training camps which adds to the energy surrounding the fight, It holds all the makings of a classic. Daniel Dubois, 21, is coming into this extremely confident knowing he has the power to cause most heavyweights a problem so it will be interesting to see how Dubois applies his pressure on the more experienced Nathan Gorman, 23.

I think Gorman edges things in terms of speed and having heard the story’s from past spars between the pair I think Gorman already has gained confidence on beating Daniel it’s just implementing it on the night.

My prediction is a bit of a split one – I think Gorman wins if it goes the distance, But only if he doesn’t get caught by a massive shot off Daniel.


Daniel Dubois gained plenty of headlines after apparently hurting Anthony Joshua in sparring. Dubois is physically very strong and has shown so far in his early career excellent punching power.

Nathan Gorman, the cousin of Tyson Fury is a very different boxer from Dubois. Gorman displays slick defense at times and has good movement, he has been improving his skills under the watchful eye of British boxing legend Ricky Hatton.

I feel the fight breaks down in the following manner that Dubois will hold the advantage early in the bout with his punching power but as the fight moves into the midway point Gorman will start to gain traction. 

I personally feel that Gorman holds the better defense, counters and experience in going rounds to pull off the upset in this fight however he needs to fight a perfect fight.


I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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