Surrey-based Matchroom prospect Jake “The Blade” Ball (10-0, 8 KOs) recently stepped into pole position for his shot at the English title, dropping the formerly unbeaten Joe Sherriff twice on route to a 97-94 victory to cap a remarkable turnaround in fortunes following the defeat suffered at the hand of JJ McDonagh nearing on a year ago.

The loss came as quite the upset but it was more so the nature of the defeat that shocked the watching audiences, the type that is hard for a prospect to come back from, but not this one, Ball represents a fighter with the determination to go far within the sport.


Since that one blemish on an otherwise spotless record,  he has regrouped, learned from his mistake, looking a far more polished prospect on his way to winning the three fights which as put him ahead of the cue for a chance at the coveted English title.

TopClassBoxing’s Michael Shepherd recently took the chance to fire off a few questions which Ball, 24 was more than happy to answer:

How did you start boxing and what age did you start going to a gym?

My dad took my elder brother to the gym when I was 7 years old and I just tagged along and loved it ever since

For our readers that don’t know, what was your record as an amateur?

About 72-11

Were there any occasions during your time on the amateurs that made a significant impact on you?

Yes, being selected to represent my Country and be a member of Team GB

As an amateur was it always your dream to turn professional?

I always thought about being a pro but it wasn’t until I got on the GB team that I knew boxing is what I wanted to do as a career.

Was it tough to turn full time? Finding time between work, paying the bills etc

Being married with two kids made it very hard but thanks to some fantastic sponsors I have they helped me out a lot in between fights.

What would you say are the major differences between amateur and professional boxing? And did you have to change the way you trained when you turned professional?

It’s going from being a sprinter to running marathons, the training is a lot harder and a lot more intense

Any fighters from past and present that inspire you, if so who and why?

Muhammad Ali & Sugar Ray Leonard for their movement and swagger in the ring

Could you take me & the readers through a training camp week? 

A lot of pain (lol) 2-3 sessions a day, mixing it up between- track work, roadwork, pad/bag work, sparring & strength conditioning

What ranks as your proudest moment in the sport?

At the moment it would be fighting for my Country as an amateur and making my professional debut

In the professional ranks who has been your hardest opponent so far and why?

My last fight against Joe Sherriff who was 11-0, after injuring my lead hand in the 2nd round he made me have to switch my game plan on the spot and adapt to boxing with just one hand for the remaining 8 rounds.

What is going on with your boxing career now- Can you tell readers when? Where? And against whom you will be fighting next?

It will be December this year but date and opponent will be confirmed and announced next week.

What are your hopes for the rest of 2017 & 2018?

To end the year with a new strap around me then continue strap season through 2018

Any short term and long term goals at this point, or anything that you would like to achieve in X amount of time?

All the hard work and graft leads to only one goal, the end goal and that’s to be World Champion

If you could talk to a young Jake Ball what would you say to him?

Choose an easier career than boxing (lol) No I would tell him to keep your head down work hard and never give up

Who is Jake Ball outside of boxing?

I’m a husband to a beautiful wife and father to 2 handsome sons, just a normal family man trying to better my life for my family

Any plans for after boxing?

No plans yet once I have that World Title around me I will talk about what I do after boxing

Final words or closing statements?

Everyone give me a follow on Instagram & Twitter @1jakeball. And a massive shoutout to my sponsors for there continuous support- RADS document storage- Sarla ltd- AJC Carpentry- V-Juice- Boxfit UK- PUG scaffolding- NB supplements- MeatMan.