An amateur career which yielded a number of prestigious achievements, Archie ‘Sharpshooter’ Sharp is ready to replicate the kind of form shown in the unpaid ranks as he embarks on a promising professional career.

Frank Warren has always had a keen eye for upcoming boxing talent, moved fast to secure Sharp to his promotion with thoughts pressing on him someday becoming one of the greats.

TopClassBoxing’s Michael Shepherd sat down with Archie where he was able to get more insight on a fighter which we are sure to be seeing a lot of in the years to follow.


How did you get into boxing and what age did you start going to a gym?

My dad took me down to the gym at the age of seven.

What was your record as an amateur?

I had 59 fights 54 wins

As an amateur was it always your dream to turn professional?

Yes, I have dreamed of being a world champion ever since I can remember

Who inspired you to take up the gloves?

My dad, he is a huge boxing fan and done a bit himself, we used to watch all the greats like Ali, Duran, Leonard, Barrera and loads more

Is It tough to go full time? Do you have to be more flexible to make a living from the sport?

It is hard work, I’m thankful for my sponsors who help me

South East Tanker Service, Thornton Logistics, Barnes Roffe, The Vineyard and Brawl Sports

Who is your current trainer and where do you train?

Richard Sawyer is my trainer and has been since the age of seven, I train out of Body Shots ABC

How would you describe your fighting style?

A clever counter puncher

Who are some of the best you’ve sparred with to date & how beneficial was it for you?

Carl Frampton, Martin J Ward, Joe Cordina, there have been a lot of great names I’ve shared the ring with and every time I share the ring with them I make sure I walk away knowing I have learnt something

How do you feel you have progressed as a pro so far?

I feel like I’m doing very well I’m now starting to show people that I’m not just a boxer but I can also fight and put fighters away

What is going on with your boxing career now- Can you tell readers when? Where? And against whom you will be fighting next?

I’m now just waiting for a shot at the southern area title hopefully before the year ends

How far are you away from an English Title?

I’m not that far, I’ve got to deal with the southern area title first then look to move on for the bigger titles

Any short term and long term goals at this point, or anything that you would like to achieve in X amount of time?

Long-term goal is being one of the best boxers of all time, but for now, im still learning and got along road so therefore I don’t want to rush anything

Final words or closing statements?

A Thank you to everyone who comes and supports at the shows, we are now starting to make a statement, my sponsors and family have been very supportive and I’m truly blessed to have them. My trainer Richard who gets me in the best shape and a massive Thank You to Frank Warren and MTK for giving me the opportunity to do what I do best and look forward to a great future.