By Lee Thornton – Boxers are a special breed they fight in front of thousands and all have various boxing styles which makes this sport unique.

Today I will be focusing on some legendary chins, the boxers who somehow keep pushing forward after vicious punches connect, so without further ado here are my personal favourites:


George Chuvalo: The longtime Canadian heavyweight champion was never dropped in over 90 professional fights facing the likes of Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Cleveland Williams. Chuvalo fought in the toughest heavyweight era of all time including having some 15 round fights on his resume none the less against Muhammed Ali on short notice.

George Chuvalo is a very underrated boxing legend who is a very special man, hearing him speak today if you didn’t know any better. You may mistake him for a school teacher for how alert he is after having many great fights over an extensive career.

Obit Jake LaMotta Boxing

Jake LaMotta: Known as the Bronx Bull, Jake LaMotta fought over 100 times and took punishing shots from the greatest boxer of all time Sugar Ray Robinson. Famously as shown from the great boxing film Raging Bull, Jake LaMotta was stopped by Sugar Ray Robinson in the 13th round of the famous St.Valentines Day Massacre fight. “You never got me down Ray” Lamotta famously uttered after being stopped in the 13th round. Jake LaMotta lived until age 95 incredible!


James Toney: The highly skilled Toney doesn’t receive the credit he deserves for a great chin. Toney has competed in over 90 fights against the likes of Roy Jones Jr, Mike McCallum and Hasim Rahman. Never been stopped in his career a truly great achievement considering the multiple weight classes Toney has competed in.

James Toney is a living legend and I truly enjoy viewing his classic fights at various points in his career.


Tommy Farr: This Welsh heavyweight had well over 100 hundred fights in his career and went 15 spirited rounds with heavyweight legend Joe Louis. Farr also fought Max Baer and Jim Braddock.

In a family of 8 children, Farr grew up in poverty which no question help mould him into one tough customer with a granite chin. His legacy has put him among the all-time great Heavyweights from the United Kingdom.


Ruslan Provodnikov: The Russian Rocky has been involved in many punishing fights against the likes of John Molina Jr, Timothy Bradley and a fight I was live at vs Lucas Matthysse.

Provodnikov had a cut early in his fight vs Matthysse but kept pushing on and took huge punches from a one punch knockout artist in Matthysse. I was amazed when Provodnikov made a late charge pushing Matthysse till the very end of their encounter.

In his epic fight vs Timothy Bradley according to compubox Provodnikov was hit with 347 punches and still kept walking forward. I recall seeing a video on youtube of a young Provodnikov boxing other kids on a concrete floor with no padding around that gritty environment, it is a perfect way to describe Provodnikov’s boxing style.