The continuation of the WWE style promoting of heavyweights Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury has left me with head in hands, cringing as they have gone from wanting to knock the others head off to sharing crisps (chips in the Us) and bottled water backstage, all whilst drawing up plans to make the next on stage performance even bigger in an attempt to squeeze as much PPV money out of the paying public as humanly possible.

They are not guilty of being the first to do so, these kind of press conferences are part and parcel with the personalities involved but this follows the same blueprint used in the Mayweather Vs. McGregor farce, becoming more of an event before the actual event with pleasantries at a minimum, taking turns to outdo the other in an effort to put across his opinion of being the alpha male in this scenario.

Truth be told I’ve never really been a huge fan of the bravado that goes on before a fight, promises and unpleasantries aplenty fall mainly on deaf ears, all of which that are forgotten about as soon as the bell signals the start of the bout, for me personally the whole thing gets tiresome quickly, that being said I have to confess that on occasion, the shocking nature of a few have managed to grab my attention, some of which I will list below in no particular order.


Former World Champion Larry Holmes returned to the ring after a three-year hiatus to beat Tim Anderson with the suggestion that a rematch with Trevor Berbick would on the cards, both men were in the same room when Holmes dismissed the bout saying “That’s not going to happen. I beat him once, won every round and I don’t like his attitude.”

Berbick incensed by the dismissal, went for the jugular, accusing him of having a mistress who in cohesion with Holmes was responsible for the breakup of his marriage.

Dismayed Holmes upon hearing this news decided to confront Berbick and a scuffle between the two occurred which got broken up by Police shortly afterwards.

Berbick was left ranting at the media before out of nowhere, Holmes dived off the top of a limousine landing on Berbick and a few unsuspecting Policemen in a tip of the hat to the WWE.


“I’ll f**k you until you Love me” is the words echoed to a standing room of journalists from Mike Tyson’ following his altercation with Lennox Lewis.

The fight was a few years past its prime but peaked the public interest more so after the New York Press Conference. Lennox Lewis stepped into a spotlight on stage before a marauding Tyson with entourage in tow got into the face of Lewis before throwing a left hook that missed throwing an off-balance Tyson on the floor amongst the brawling from the two camps.

It took a while for the disruption to settle before Tyson unleashed a foul-mouthed rant, telling the world media how he was going to make each of him love him (that’s the clean version)


Heavyweight Riddick Bowe as always represented a man needing to be continuously talked off the ledge, on occasion this hasn’t always been possible as he’s flung himself into controversies head first, such as the time he binned his WBC title instead of facing Lennox Lewis or the time he kidnapped his estranged wife in an attempt to reconcile so its not a surprise to see him appear on this list.

Larry Donald an Olympic Bronze Medallist had talked a little trash about Bowe in the run up to their 1994 fight which didn’t sit well with him. Both men met five days before the fight in Los Angeles, where Bowe hit Donald with a one-two combination, stunning Donald before they were quickly separated (props to Donald he took the shot superbly).

When asked the reason for the punch, Bowe said he told Donald “If you say one more thing, I’m going to hit you, He opened his mouth again, so I popped him.”


Before coming unstuck against Bernard Hopkins, Puerto Rico’s Tito Trinidad had the boxing world at his feet, wins over Pernell Whitaker, Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas punched home the point, as he began the promotional tour with Hopkins as the favourite.

The people not just in his native Puerto Rico but Worldwide Tito was beloved by most, an exciting talent with a tendency to land knockout blows at any given moment but fragile enough to get knocked down himself, all in all it meant exciting viewing for the boxing public.

Bernard Hopkins on the other hand albeit incredibly skilled provided a tough watch, he as always been a master at getting the job done but his style sometimes represented a cure for insomnia to some viewers who were unable to appreciate his craft.

Every story possesses its good guys and bad, this was no different, Bernard thrived on the role, none more so than when he snatched the Puerto Rican flag from Tito, throwing it to the ground in New York, this of course was incredibly disrespectful but being that it was on American soil it wasn’t as bad as it could have gone, phew panic over, or was it?

Hopkins not content with doing this once, did so again but this time in front of 10,000 Puerto Rican’s / adoring Tito Trinidad supporters, Inciting a riot as he and promoter Don King literally had to run for their lives.

I don’t suppose there will be any holiday’s to the small Island for Mr Hopkins, considering he would then go on to stop Tito in the Twelfth round.


The hatred between these two fighters burned bright, The touch paper lit from their first contest, Mexican pride further fueling the flame that erupted at the press conference of the rematch.

Morales had beaten Barrera in one of the great fights in boxing history, a decision rendered by the judges that didn’t sit well with the ‘Baby Faced Assassin” who was left seething, luckily it was so good that the rematch was inevitable.

Both men took their positions at the podium before the slurs came from Morales of Barrera being a homosexual, an unsubstantial notion, It was a ploy to get under the skin, a ploy which worked wonders as Barrera requested that Morales repeat the slur to his face. Morales obliged but was greeted by a right hand for the disrespect as Barrera ducked out of the way with Morales swinging, hitting nothing but fresh air.

Barrera won the rematch by unanimous decision and also won the rubber match by Majority decision to leave the trilogy with a score of 2-1 between the two men.

Honourable or shameful mention whatever way you would like to look at it to David Haye with a bottle in hand who was still able to uncork a hard shot on the chin of Derek Chisora and Herbie Hyde who had a little wrestle with Michael Bentt.

I could have done a list of ten but the truth of the matter is I’m lazy, Let me know your favourites by Tweeting me @TOPCLASSBOXING