It’s a funny world which we live in, filled with opportunity it would seem especially in this instance as nearly a year on from his knockout loss to fellow Light Heavyweight contender Sullivan Barrera it is he, not Barrera who will get the first crack at a world title, in fact Barrera will present the chief support as Shabranskyy takes on the former divisional ruler Sergey Kovalev on November 25th at Madison Square Garden Theatre in New York.


Shabranskyy who was raised in his native Ukraine but has since settled in Los Angeles, will look to open a world of possibilities for himself by upsetting the odds and inflicting more misery on the broad shoulders of the man known universally as ‘Krusher’, all the time in the knowledge of the stakes involved in the attempt, stating to TopClassBoxing’s Michael Shepherd that this contest becomes a crossroads for both men.

The always accommodating WBC (USNBC) Light Heavyweight champion gave us some of his free time to allow you (the reader) a little insight on his past, current and future plans.

How did you start boxing and what age did you start going to a gym?

I started kickboxing originally at age 13

My mom basically told me to stop fighting in the streets and in school all the time and signed me up for the class

For our readers that don’t know what was your record as an amateur?

Honestly, In kickboxing, I lost count after 200 and I started boxing  at 15 and lost count after 200 as well 🙂 sorry can’t give you a better answer

Were there any occasions during your time on the amateurs that made a significant impact on you?

When I won bouts against the guys that were ranked higher than me  ..  champions.

I believed in my ability more. I believed in myself more and it made me go forward and keep fighting

As an amateur was it always your dream to turn professional?

I never thought about it believe it or not

I started thinking to turn pro when I came to the US To box for La Matador

Was it tough to turn full time? Finding time between work, paying the bills etc

I got very lucky, In 2011 I met a girl who believed in me .. we got married in 2012 after I moved here permanently When it was tough She went to work She never asked questions and just provided for our entire family We lived with her grandmother until our daughter was born in 2013 and More bills came But we pulled through and I am grateful for her We have two beautiful children together and we support each other no matter what

What would you say are the major differences between amateur and professional boxing? And did you have to change the way you trained when you turned professional?

Of course, my first trainer taught me Soviet Union style boxing Old school.   tough …

And when I came here I felt a tremendous difference. I had to adjust everything

But combining the two works out great. I’m still improving and learning every day

Any fighters from past and present that inspire you, if so who and why?

As a child my boxing idol was Tyson I love everything about his style

And present time Lomachenko in my eyes is one of the best

Could you take me & the readers through a training camp week? 

I tell you after my fight in details 🙂

What ranks as your proudest moment in the sport?

My pride is my family, In boxing, I still haven’t reached the stage where I can talk about myself

I have a lot to accomplish

In the professional ranks who has been your hardest opponent so far and why?

I respect every single opponent I fought with, every single one of those guys was dangerous in his own way.

You have a great professional record 19-1 with your only loss being to Sullivan Barrera, how difficult was it to bounce back after your first professional loss? And was there anything/anyone that helped you?

It was tough. I’m not going to lie about that. During that time my family stood by my side. They made me realize that life is not over, that I’m not done. that I have to come back and prove to myself first who I’m, and what I’m capable of, and that’s what I did  that’s what I’m doing

Kovalev vs Shabranskyy Press Conference

You have a huge fight coming up on November 25th 2017 against former unified Light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev can you give the readers some insight in how you prepare for such a big fight?

I know it will be a hard fight. The promoters put together two guys that have everything to lose in this fight. This is the fight where both of us will be fighting for the spotlight. I think it will be great. As far as preparation I will bring everything I got into this fight and more

What are your hopes for the rest of 2017 & 2018?

I am Just focusing on my fight in November

If you could talk to a young Slava Shabranskyy what would you say to him?

I would say Life is tough. Believe in yourself and go forward no matter what No matter how hard  it is, everything will be ok

Who is Slava Shabranskyy outside of boxing?

I’m a Son, Grandson, Brother, GodFather, Husband, Father, I’m a family guy

I enjoy spending time with my kids And Our friends. I love outdoors

Just normal. 🙂 lol

Any plans for after boxing?

I always had a vision that after I stop fighting I will become a trainer and work with little kids

Kids that need mental support to do good & stay off the streets

I want to build a gym where everyone will be welcome from young to old Despite how much money they have.

Final words or closing statements?

Thank you for the Interview and come November I will be ready!