Lightweight prospect Callum Busuttil arrived on the pro circuit in April, leaving behind an amateur career which produced more than a few memorable moments before his assured performance in shutting out the seasoned Andy Harris at Newport’s Leisure Centre.

Training under the ever watchful eye of one of Wales’ best in Jamie Arthur, the road to realising his potential is about to be taken with outstretched hands.

In preparation for his second professional fight, we caught up with Callum to get an insight on a fighter who we are sure to hear a lot more from in the years to come.


How did you get started in boxing?

My older brother trained at a boxing gym when I was about 9. I ended up going and never stopped.

What attracted you to the sport of boxing Callum, because Wales is known mostly for its Soccer and Rugby?

It’s just something I have always done. I like the challenge and am addicted to becoming the best I possibly can.

Coming from the amateurs, you took many prestigous awards on the way but what would you say is your fondest memory from that time?

My best memory as an amateur is winning my first Welsh title.

What was your amateur record before turning professional?

I had around 26 fights won about 19. Majority of the fights I had were in the Welsh / British championships.

Favourite Car: Old Style Mustang

For SELRES_a208b8d6-fcdc-452e-87d0-27430da2ecdcSELRES_a208b8d6-fcdc-452e-87d0-27430da2ecdcthose who have yet to see you fight, How would you describe your boxing style?

I’m Primarily a pressure fighter

You made your professional debut your professional debut in Newport in April where you beat Andy Harris via point decision. Can you take us through that fight and how was the professional ranks different from the amateurs?

I didn’t really find being a pro different to being an amateur other than not wearing a vest. In the fight with Harris I sustained pressure during the fight, picking my shots onroute to winning every round against an experienced opponent.

You’ve had quite a long layoff for a fighter in the first year of his career, is there a reason for the layoff and would you have liked to have been more active these past few months?

I have been training but I’ve been working on improving from my last fight. I am still expecting a busy season.

Favourite Out of Camp Food: Pizza and Ice Cream

How as training camp been for your upcoming fight and what things have you worked on in the gym for this particular fight?

I have had a hard training camp. Doing hour runs before work then straight to Jamie’s after work. I have worked on my timing on the pads whilst upping my power.

Who have you been able to get in for Sparring?

I sparred with Henry Janes before his injury. Joe ‘JD’ Jones, Tom James and Jacob Robinson.

As an opponent been named for your second fight?.

Harvey Hemsley

20120831_123304_Ward attitude
Favourite Fighter: Mikey Ward

We have a lot of good young prospects in Wales at the moment but what would you say separates yourself from the rest?

I feel my style separates me from the others.

In an ideal world, what would you like to happen in your career in the next year or two?

I hope to keep winning and climb the rankings.

Favourite Fight: Micky Ward Vs. Arturo Gatti

Before leaving is there anyone you would like to Thank?

I would like to thank Jamie Arthur for all the hard work and time he puts in our development. My old coaches from St Joes Cardiff Gareth Powell. Michael Durrani, John Shep and John my sponsor S3 advertising who has been a massive help with my tickets Sales.