Ryan Stevenson recently entered the paid ranks, taking to such as a duck would do to water in recording a debut win. engulfed with the want of more he, like many prospects on the rise would like to stay busy, a next fight hopefully to be scheduled for December.

Surrounded by National champions in a small gym in Doncaster, Stevenson is ideally placed to continue his education in the infancy of his professional career with the focus on an exciting road to titles surely to follow for him and his loyal fanbase.

Ryan was kind enough this week to afford me some time in asking him some questions for this latest TopClass Q&A:


How did you get started in boxing?

My Dad took me to the gym in Armthorpe when I was 8 years old and I’ve never looked back.

What attracted you to the sport of boxing Ryan?

I love discipline and I love to fight I was born to do it.


I’ve read much about your amateur background where a lot of people are excited by your journey in the professional ranks, what in the time spent in the unpaid ranks was your most memorable?

It would have to be getting to the elite finals at the Echo Arena. It was a special experience.

What was your amateur record before turning professional?

49 fights 34 wins.


For those who have yet to see you fight, how would you describe your boxing style?

I’m a boxer, I love to express my skills in the ring, making them miss and making them pay.

What is your favourite combination/punch you like to use and why?

Right and left hook, it comes natural and I’ve had a lot of stoppages with it.

Can you tell us a little about the team? i.e. Who is your promoter/trainer, where do you train? Which fighters do you prepare alongside?

My trainer is Ian Allcock, I’ve been with him since day 1, we train in Wheatley Doncaster. We have a few National Champions who train there, its only a small gym but we have quality.

Could you take us through a regular days training leading up to a fight?

Every day is a different day but its always hard work, quality sparring is always key, road work, bag work, technical drills it all plays a big roll in preparation.

Prior to the win, a lot of fight fans like me to ask, which sparring partners you used to get yourself ready for MJ Hall?

I had four sparring partners helping me prepare for my debut. Joshua Padley, he’s from the same gym as me, he’s a National Champion and an elite finalist. Rystard Lewicki from Sheffield, he’s also a National Champion and England representative. Saif Cheema, a recently turned professional., and Scott Sewkina a good experienced professional. So, I have quality preparation.


You recently made your professional bow, which was an impressive points win over MJ Hall, Can you take us through that fight and how the professional ranks are different from the amateurs?

The fight was amazing, I took control from the first bell. He was a tough kid and he came to win. The professional ranks suit me a lot better than the amateurs because there’s a lot more thinking involved, picking your shots it’s not just a sprint who can throw the most punches like the amateurs.

Would there have been anything you could have done better in the bout?

Watching the fight back I was a little over eager. Loading up at times and overreaching. In the next one, I want to put that right.

Any fights been mentioned and When do you think you will next be in a boxing ring, Ryan?

I will be fighting on the 8th December in Derby.


Fighters starting out like to keep busy, with that in mind how many fights would you like in the next year or so of your development?

I would like to be very busy, fighting at least every 5-10 week if possible.

We have a lot of good prospects in the Uk at the moment but what would you say separates yourself from the rest?

I can do it all. I’m very confident, I don’t fear anything and I have heart. But most importantly I have a good boxing brain, I’m one step ahead all the time.

In an ideal world, what would you like to happen in your career in the next year or two?

Get as much experience as I can, mature into the game and get on the road to titles.

Before leaving is there anyone you would like to Thank?

I would like to thank you at top class boxing for the interview and everyone involved helping me to the top.



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