Away from the strobe lighting of packed arena’s, The sport of boxing can be a very dark unforgiving place, littered with bottom feeding managers and agents whose only purpose in life is to squeeze as much profit from a fighter as humanly possible, sometimes endangering the life of the individual in order to do so.

We as fight fans don’t see the numerous hours spent at the gym, taking him/her away from their families all whilst working on a restricted diet for months of the year to make weight and also needing to sell tickets to make revenue for the sacrifices which are rarely life-changing.

We instead focus on the Mayweather’s of the world, driving around in the latest Bugatti on route to their seven-figure mansions in the LA hills before jetting off to foreign climates whenever the mood takes them.

That’s the dream that is advertised but one that can be packaged very differently as Brooklyn’s Shawn ‘Killa’ Cameron found out.

A few years ago in the amateurs, I was really excited and motivated, but over the years, once you learn how harsh the business side is, all the behind the scenes stuff, puts everything into perspective and to me, it just isn’t worth it. I actually feel bad for the guys that have nothing else to do, this is definitely not something you should ever have to 100% rely on.

A few months retired it was the sleazy managers that tried to tempt Shawn back into the squared circle with low ball offers which could have persuaded a lesser man.

Oh man, it’s brutal, there are so many things you have to look out for. First you have these so-called managers who will sign you to a let’s say three year standard deal, they have to find you a certain amount of fights per year, that’s how they get paid, some guys don’t care they’ll match their fighter with anybody, then they’ll take maybe 20% of your purse, now you have to pay the corner. By the time you’re done, you’ll end up with anywhere from 40-60% of the initial purse. This isn’t even counting all the back door deals these guys make behind your back. It’s just brutal man.


Since his days in the Army, boxing has been one of the constants in the life of Cameron knocking guys out in smokers before winning the Golden Gloves at Madison Square Garden are all great memories but the sport isn’t his number one priority anymore.

I do miss competing, and it’s not like I’m gonna 100% completely stop going to a boxing gym to stay in shape, but I’m definitely not 100% all in like I was before.

My life away is pretty normal, as you get older you get more settled. I’ll be with my family, and of course, working my regular job and doing more things that are centred around that, rather than training and living the life of a fighter.

Cameron whose last fight was a losing one to the unbeaten Madiyar Ashkeyev walks away with a 10-3 record, no second thoughts lingering on the right choice made, he does, however, have moments he will cherish and some not so much.

I’d say the standout part of my career was actually winning the New York Golden Gloves at Madison Square Garden, at that time it just seemed like the biggest thing and everyone was excited about competing. I did a lot of stuff after but that stood out the most, to me.

As far as disappointment goes, there were so many, opponents pull out of the fight at the last minute, being the opponent and not getting the fair decisions and equal treatment from the promoters. I think my last fight was the most disappointing but yeah, there’s a lot of heartbreaks in this game.

It’s a raw look at a fighters life, a look through the veil at the underhanded tactics used by the sharks that continue to bleed fighters dry but this fighter got out with an unwillingness to follow the trend.

I’m not sure if anything would bring me out of retirement, I miss competing but I don’t miss the bullshit, I’m sure if they flash the right amount of money anyone would get their asses up and go get it.

I end this Interview, thanking Shawn for the opportunity to cover his career and in the knowledge that he has made the right choice for himself and his family, you will still find him shouting and supporting from the sidelines with a never say never attitude of him getting into the sport in another capacity.

Currently, I’m sort of in a detox phase, but who knows what the future holds or how I’ll feel later on. As of now, I’ll just be a fan and support my friends from the stands.

Thank You

Bro as always I’m just thankful for you and how you’ve supported me since day one. I’m thankful to everyone that supported me, people from the gym and the neighbourhood, and also the ones from social media. People that don’t even know me in person but have always supported me, I’m forever thankful, and also to my team. Thanks for everything Paul.