*** Please Note: This Interview was conducted shortly before Tommy Morrison’s death where he granted Russell Bedford two exclusive interviews – This is the Second Instalment, where the first can be seen by clicking here ***

When Tommy and I get to talk again it turns to HIV, a subject now synonymous with Tommy Morrison. It’s something he wants to talk about though and knowing this makes it easier for me to ask the questions that I wanted to ask.

Firstly I wanted to know how it felt hearing the news, “based on what I was told by our own government I was inclined to do my own research. A mistake was being made and it would come out. We are at that point now.”

At first, this isn’t the answer I was looking for but I see what he is trying to say that the saturation of HIV and AIDS news in the world made you believe anything you were being told, The Duke didn’t agree with this and wanted to find out more. With this viewpoint in my head, I am intrigued to know how he was told, “I was verbally informed, nobody ever showed me anything to say I had any virus, it was all dealt with in one phone call to my promoter.”

Really? A life-changing decision, simply told to somebody else via phone? It hardly seems fair, or professional. It was matter’s like this that got Tommy looking for answers. At this stage, though the answers that the Duke was looking for weren’t so much about the existence of HIV but about what he should do next, I pressed him on his views from back in ’96. He had mentioned in several interviews that HIV doesn’t discriminate and that his lifestyle at the time was the cause for him being diagnosed with a serious health concern, but move forward a few years and he is telling us how he never had it, it doesn’t exist and if it does it cannot pass between Man and Woman,

“How do you suffer from something that you have never had symptoms from? I started doing my own research and realised it was bogus. Up to that point, you just believe what people tell you, every fibre in my body told me I was fit and healthy and certainly not sick.”

My knowledge of HIV is fairly limited but I have heard many stories being bandied about in the media that it is, in fact, an ‘invented’ disease created by Dr Robert Gallo, now I hadn’t heard a lot about this but I want to know what somebody apparently suffering from this virus may think,

“Robert Gallo has never been able to provide any scientific proof that there is such a thing as a contagious active virus that he named HIV. There is no proof. There are no scientific papers to be found showing how he discovered any such virus. No proof = no HIV.”

I start to feel out of my depth, this is a subject that I know Tommy has researched alongside wife Trisha very thoroughly, in this short moment that we have been talking about it I sense that there is a lot more to come from him. I want to know that if he has had a test that shows he has the virus why can he not accept its answers.

Tests currently available are the ELISA and the Western Blot, back in ’96 it is alleged that Tommy took the ELISA, “First of all neither the Elisa nor the Western blot picks up HIV. Their disclaimers in their test packets confirm that. It’s hard to pick up something that doesn’t appear to scientifically exist? The tests should not be called HIV tests if they don’t detect anything on HIV The tests do detect arthritis/foot fungus/lupus/allergies/hangnails etc – in fact, 80 ailments that are NOT contagious in both the ring and outside the ring. I do this day- have not even seen a fake/false positive result from 1996.”

This answer shocks me, the tests that are determining the way a person’s life moves forward don’t even pick up the virus? I decided to check it out myself and find that Tommy’s claim is correct. Both tests have the disclaimers he mentions! Now that I am aware of this I wonder how the Duke feels about the fact that people all around the world are being told they have HIV every day due to the results these tests give,

“first they cannot diagnose HIV The tests don’t diagnose it. The labs say they don’t diagnose it. The doctors say they are not educated to diagnose it. So WHO diagnosed me and who is allowing those tests to be used to destroy peoples lives and careers? Like mine.”

Clearly, it Is something he is passionate about, not just for himself but for others affected by it. This has lead Tommy to contact Robert Gallo and many other predominant people in the field to find a test that will 100% diagnose somebody with this virus, it is a test that has been hard to find,

“It appears not to exist anywhere in the world. No-one has a test that picks up HIV infection. Why? The CDC/FDA/Doctors/Labs/Robert Gallo/Walgreens/Walmart/Chemists all do not have a test to detect “HIV”.

We are now getting in deep with the HIV information, it is something I want to pursue further as I know Tommy is keen to talk as much as I am eager to listen. Some people in my position would call him a madman for trying to dispute something that has caused so much heartbreak to people around the World, with this in mind I ask what he has to say to his doubters,

“People are affected by the medication that is what’s killing people. Not a bogus disease that has not been proven scientifically or a test that exists to prove HIV infection. I am most certainly not crazy – people thought Einstein was crazy – the only crazy person on this subject is Robert Gallo. if I were crazy I would have been on the medication and would have been dead 15 years ago. people called Noah a crazy man until it started raining! To turn their way of thinking- they only have to ask the questions that I am asking myself- where is the test? where’s the virus test? where’s the actual photo of the virus in the human body? if you call these questions that I am asking “as being crazy” I disagree. I am being extremely logical in my approach to asking simple questions that cant be answered.”

Does he think the day will come when these questions will be answered, “it’s happening already. If my fans would ask the same questions that would get us all somewhere. People asking questions is going to expedite an answer.”

In what seems almost like an open invite to his fans Tommy is asking for support in what is his biggest fight yet, as just one man he has come up against several brick walls and with the backing of his fans these walls might get knocked down like his opponents in the ring did before, an example of this is how for over 200 days Tommy has been emailing Robert Gallo, Nora Grannell, Faye Caldwell and others often never receiving any kind of reply, I wonder if he thinks this means there is something to hide,

“yes no doubt. Why would you not be happy to provide information on your discovery? Why would you not want to prove . Gallo thought he was in the clear- now I come along with questions- I haven’t died I haven’t had symptoms-I haven’t taken their medications- and I am simply asking for proof that this invention of his exists?”

The fact that the Duke feels fine in mind and health prompted him to ask for a copy of the test results from 1996 so he could see for himself what he was diagnosed with but these have proved to be just as difficult to come by as an email response from Robert Gallo does, this lead him to think there is some kind of cover up or have these DR’s been so negligent that they have just lost them,

“That’s what I have been wondering. In addition to the fact that the tests that they performed on me actually do not detect HIV Those tests still to this day do not detect HIV.T he test manufacturers state just that. Cover up? – Yes because HIV does not scientifically exist. Lost? Why would they lose such a valuable piece of evidence.”

There have been some responses in Tommy’s continuous search for truth, Faye Caldwell the counsel for Quest Labs has tried to find out as much as possible for him but things came to an interesting stage when Tommy was given a set of results, alleged to be his, that showed the HIV virus, when these results appeared questions were immediately asked. They showed no information to connect them to Tommy himself, there was no Date of Birth, No social security number and via the emails, Tommy was being informed that another Doctor was involved in the testing process, one he had never had any form of interaction with and one he had never heard of. This intrigued me,

“Faye Caldwell is the legal counsel for Quest Labs of Las Vegas. What they sent me- after years of being told had been purged was a “partial” result. (which I never have heard of). No DOB nor my ss# was listed on their email and the doctor named on the email was not my doctor someone i had never heard of who I believe is just a vet that has since died 4 years ago. Can you imagine I was kicked out of boxing by a VET? Also again their legal counsel is not able to provide me with any further information? Why?”

There is one bit of information out there from a Dr Hiatt who went to the media with news of the Duke’s diagnoses, I ask whether he thought there was a lot of cover-up and secrecy regarding this HIV test result

”Dr.Hiatt worked for Quest Labs. He supposedly retrieved my results to show Dr.Margaret Goodman in 2007 even though I had been requesting the results myself and they told me that they didn’t have them in 2007. It is not only unprofessional it is slanderous neither he nor Dr.Margaret Goodman were my physicians.. Yes there appears to be a lot of cover-up and disclosure of information without my knowledge and approval.”

I go back to the emails from Faye Caldwell and the results that she sent through to Tommy and I wonder how if these results don’t contain any information to indicate they are his he can officially be classed as somebody with HIV

“Again the tests used in 1996 and today do not detect HIV! Therefore I know I don’t have this fictitious HIV. Let them give me a test where the test manufacturers actually state in writing THIS TEST DETECTS HIV INFECTION! They can’t come up with them.”

This leads me to a hypothetical situation , I want to know that if a test was put out there tomorrow that could 100% prove HIV would he take it, “Yes I will perform the test in front of the world I live for a test that will detect 100% the presence or absence of the virus. I would be glad to do this test and I have been asking to do this test daily now for 180 days with direct emails to the inventor of HIV = Robert Gallo. Now, why wouldn’t he want me to not take the test? Is it because there is no test to pick up a virus that does not exist? Why has he not come back to me and told me to take the elisa and the western blot? that’s because he knows and the pharmaceutical companies know that these tests don’t detect a virus that they too have never seen a photo of?”

It is apparent that Tommy isn’t very keen on Robert Gallo, If these two ever crossed paths what would happen, I want to know what Tommy would ask him

“I wouldn’t say a thing. I would punch a hole in his forehead for me and the millions of other people that he is killing every day.”

It’s the kind of answer I expect to be honest if it is ever proven that this virus does not exist then millions of people have been affected by Gallo’s work. Tommy to the tune of £38 million,

“Plus interest over the last 15 years and for all the fights since my comeback in 2006 that the ABC have railroaded.”

This must be a bitter pill to swallow, $38million in the bank would make anybody happy but some people are not ruled by money, I wonder with all that he has had to endure whether he misses the money, wants to get back in the ring or just wants to clear his name

“All the three and because this is inhumane and this has happened and is happening to millions every day. I have a platform to be able to defend all these victims. HIV stands for “His (Robert gallo) Innocent Victims”.

Sticking with Robert Gallo I am interested in the stories Tommy has told me about people that have questioned Gallo coming to harm, is this really what is going on, has this gone to such levels

“Yes. I can mention several names from government officials to scientists that have suffered by going against the grain and asking the same questions as I am. These people also have had scientific proof that the virus does not exist. They have been killed in plane crashes-given overdoses imprisoned just to be kept quiet. one example: 

2009: Lambros Papantonou they threatened to revoke his State department credentials because he asked Robert Gallo to show him the HIV VIRUS in his own lab Gallo got scared and organised a hit.

Somehow they threatened Lambros after he questioned Mark Dyeball Global Aids World Co-Ordinator. Lambros was so threatened that he couldn’t sleep and bought an ambien prescription from Dupont Circle and consumed at least 17 of them out of a prescription of 35 in four or five days according to his nephew.”

Wow, this is a massive theory, it sounds like it is out of a film. I don’t know what to think. Could this really have happened?

Each answer that comes from Morrison wants me to find out more, it’s been a long time since Tommy was told that he had HIV, I wondered if he has ever found himself suffering from expected symptoms but denying them

“Nothing. No physical symptoms as well as no scientific proof of the existence of this hypothetical virus Gallo named HIV”

The constant references to the lack of proof aren’t missed by me so I do the typical google search and the lack of photos is astounding. All the images that I see are computer generated. Would this back up Morrisons claims? I’m not sure but it has got me more intrigued. I ask Tommy how disappointing it must be to ask for this proof but never actually see it

“It’s not only disappointing it clearly shows that this virus does not exist. Why would they put up on youtube only computer-generated images? Why not the real thing?” 

During our time sharing emails I did a little research and came across a story where it is claimed Tommy refused to take HIV tests, he isn’t so sure

“When did that happen? Why would I take the elisa and westernblot when they state they don’t detect a virus infection? If I am labelled as being infected with a virus I should be given a virus test right? Not something that is going to detect me for a toe fungus which is not contagious? I want a test to show I am or am not contagious. Isn’t that the whole point of a test?”

Along with the alleged refusals, there are reports of a positive test in 2007, “Randy Lang is the person that went to the media with that story. I tested positive for what? Randy Lang was exposed in 2007 as being a fake attorney. He is currently under investigation by the Arizona Bar Commission in Phoenix. Why would you believe someone that pretended to be an attorney ?”

At the same time that I was researching this information I came across a story that Tommy still takes his HIV medication without thinking I ask him if he feels that this is a contradiction of his belief that he doesn’t have the virus

“I would like to see that article! When I was in prison in 1999 I was forced to take medication. When I got out of prison I was informed by doctors that the medication that was forced on me actually contradicted each other which means that I was forced into taking medication that cancelled each other out. The two that I was given actually erased any effect on me. that was a good thing or else I would be dead today.”

We back off the HIV talk for a minute as I am interested in hearing the story about how one day Tommy Morrison managed to teleport when in a difficult situation, what exactly happened that day,

“People have a tendency to think that people that experience out of the norm experiences are “crazy” yet its been proven by ancient Egyptians that these experiences do occur to certain people at certain times when in danger and by choice. whether its something to do with the mind you are what you are. in those days the %gyptians used their minds more than we do today. I did experience a situation where i was brought out of a bad situation. This has only ever happened once to me. I am a very spiritual person. This had to be a GOD thing.”

This is one of those explanations where you would normally think the person talking to you is crazy but for some reason I don’t, I’m interested and feel I’m not in a position to doubt it, no matter how outlandish it may seem. I remember the fact somebody once told me that we know less about our mind than we do space. True or not I don’t know……

At this point, I need to call it a day but I’m left thinking that this sporting legend has been dealt a bad hand. If one day is it 100% proven that he has a life-threatening illness then it would be such a terrible shame, if it’s not then the world has been denied of a Man that could have changed the world of boxing.