Isaac Zarate


Super Bantamweight Isaac Zarate is one in which fight fans are sure to hear plenty about in the years to come.

A quick-handed southpaw, Zarate in his professional career as taking titles such as the WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation and the NABF strap. This all becomes even more impressive when you add in the fact that he turned professional after just fourteen amateur fights.

Isaac is Promoted by Thompson Boxing Promotions

Managed by Eddie Gonzalez


Date Opponent Result
2018-02-16 Christian Ayala UD
2017-10-20 Christian Esquivel TD (D)
2017-07-21 Carlos Carlson UD
2017-05-17 Erick Ituarte SD (L)
2016-09-23 Saul Hernandez SD (L)
2015-10-23 Heriberto Delgado D
2015-07-24 Jesus Sarrano TKO
2015-05-22 Fernando Fuentes UD
2015-02-20 Pedro Melo UD
2014-10-24 Fernando Samaniego UD
2014-08-22 Guadalupe Barrera KO
2014-05-16 Juan Reyes MD (D)
2014-02-28 Christian Torres UD
2013-08-24 Erik Ruiz MD
2013-06-29 Tramaine Williams UD (L)
2012-11-16 Abel Gomez UD
2012-07-20 Jeremy Longoria UD
2012-05-11 Gustavo Rojas UD
2012-04-06 Francisco Camacho UD
2011-10-14 Anthony Briones UD



By Barbara Pinella – Our main event saw super bantamweights take to the ring, as Isaac “Dinamita” Zarate (14-3-3, 2 KOs) took on Christian Ayala (11-2, 4 KOs). This fight was scheduled for eight rounds.

No damage was done to either fighter in the first round, as they seemed to be measuring each other and feeling each other out. That all changed in the second as both men picked up the action and landed punches. In the third, they continued throwing and landing several punches in a row, not just throwing one and stepping back. Zarate was proving to Ayala that he had the most skill.

We saw some very good, heavy punches land for both fighters in the fourth. Neither man spending much time on the body, Isaac a bit more, but the head shots were accurate for both men. The fifth was much like the fourth, with some solid leather landing for each fighter. But Christian was getting sloppier, while Zarate stayed consistent.


As the fight went on, Ayala was holding more and more, and that was very evident in the sixth round. Referee Raul Caiz, Jr. had to break them up several times during those three minutes. Zarate launched a good headhunting attack in the seventh and was able to find his target often.

We moved into the eighth and final of this hard-fought contest. There had been “Isaac” chants during this entire fight and they picked up in the last three minutes. This final round was a bit sloppy at times, but Isaac was still able to find his target. That would cause Ayala to hold again. This fight was also full of headbutts, blood, and several slips to the canvas. We went to the judges for their decision. The three that count saw the fight all for Zarate, 77-75 twice, and 78-74.

ook that bad, but Christian was saying that he couldn’t see. The match became a technical draw.

Isaac Zarate Vs Saul Hernandez: