Danny Roman


Super Bantamweight Danny Roman got involved in the sport of boxing not necessarily because he had the urge to go and sought out a boxing gym, but more so because his father decided he needed to defend himself against the bullies that were harassing him from his neighbourhood.

At first, Danny confesses himself that he didn’t like boxing but after a few months he soon came to love it, starting to appreciate the discipline and fine art that he was being taught on a daily basis. Today having excelled at amateur level with a record of 61-10 he stands as the WBA Super Bantamweight Champion with eyes focused on defending his crown for a time to come.

Roman is Promoted by Thompson Boxing Promotions

Managed by Eddie Gonzalez


Date Opponent Result
2017-09-02 S Kubo TKO
2017-01-20 A Lopez RTD
2016-11-19 M Olea UD
2016-08-26 Enrique Quevedo UD
2016-05-20 Christian Esquivel TKO
2016-02-13 Ramiro Robles TKO
2015-06-25 Erick Ruiz UD
2015-06-24 Daniel Noriega UD
2015-05-29 Christopher Martin UD
2015-04-24 Giovanni Caro UD
2015-03-13 Miguel Tamayo UD
2014-09-26 Jonathan Alcantara UD
2014-08-16 Pedro Melo RTD
2014-06-27 Jonathan Arrellano UD
2014-03-15 Jose Angel Cota KO
2013-10-18 Juan Reyes L UD
2013-08-23 Jose Iniguez KO
2013-04-26 Manuel Rubalcava UD
2012-10-27 Juan Gomez Torres UD
2012-08-24 Juan Sandoval UD
2012-03-31 Jesse Adame TKO
2011-07-22 Takashi Okada L SD
2011-05-13 Alfredo Madrigal UD
2011-02-24 Jensen Ramirez D SD
2010-10-08 Christian Cruz KO


Seizing his moment of a world title, Danny “Baby Faced Assassin” Roman (23-2-1, 9 KOs) dethroned the WBA Super Bantamweights previous owner Shun Kubo (12-1, 9 KOs) in an impressive ninth round stoppage in Koyoto, Japan.


Asserting aggression from the start, Roman dropped the taller Japanese Southpaw, twice, in the seventh and eighth before the inevitable stoppage came in the ninth after another wave of combinations left the referee with little choice but to intervene.