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This past weekend Women’s Boxing took centre stage as those anticipating the grudge match of Savannah Marshall and Claressa ShieldsContinue Reading

This past weekend Women’s Boxing took centre stage as those anticipating the grudge match of Savannah Marshall and Claressa Shields waiting with bated breath that no unforeseen obstacles in the shape of Fernke Hermans would raise its head.

Luckily for those individuals they can now breath easy in the knowledge it was plain sailing, In fact Savannah Marshall was out to make a point to the onlooking Shields who was nestled safely at ringside, doing so as by annihilating Hermans in three rounds via brutal knockout in Newcastle, England.

It was a statement of intent from Marshall who was able to produce in three rounds what Shields was unable to do in ten against Hermans.

“I said she’d do that to Femke Hermans but I’m not Femke Hermans, I’m not Hannah Rankin, I’m not any of those girls she’s fought. If that’s what I’ve got to look forward to, it’s going to be a wipeout…I’m 10 times faster than Femke!”

Claressa Shields to Savannah Marshall

Whilst one fighter looks at the fundamentals of quickness, the other (Marshal) is opting for the tried and tested, that comes in the form of power

“There’s no one else in the way between me and Claressa, so it’s me and her in the summer now, I know Claressa can’t handle my power. I believe I can beat her. It’s got to happen here in the Northeast.”

Savannah Marshall to Claressa Shields

On the nights undercard,Unbeaten Welterweight Florian Marku scored the fourth round stoppage of Chris Jenkins.

After suffering a perforated eardrum in the contests opener, Jenkins controlled the distance with his boxing and generally looked comfortable until Marku turned the contest on its head. The Romanian landed a shot that stunned the Welshman in the fourth but before Jenkins was able to regain his equilibrium Marku secured the stoppage with a barrage of shots that had the referee intervening.

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