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By Anthony “Zute:” George – They call him Pitbull. Indeed, a moniker that is not authentic for a fighter. Still,Continue Reading

By Anthony “Zute:” George – They call him Pitbull. Indeed, a moniker that is not authentic for a fighter. Still, the name fits Otar Eranosyan (11-0, 6 KOs) like a glove. When I sat down with Otar, he indicated that his coach gave him that nickname. Boxing has been in Otar’s blood all his life, as he began his pugilistic journey at the age of eight years old. Otar enjoyed a long, successful amateur career before turning pro in 2020.

Described as an all-action fighter by others, Pitbull described himself as a pugilist who likes to press and “create difficulties for my opponents.”

Mission accomplished so far. Pitbull’s opponents have no warm bath, cigar, and slippers moment when they step in the ring with him. And he has managed to catch the attention of boxing fans in the process. Like Canelo Alvarez, one of Otar’s favorite fighters, Pitbull had a busy 2021. Fighting a virtually perfect campaign, securing four stoppage victories and two unanimous decisions. What is even more impressive about Otar’s record is that he has not been fed what the boxing pundits would call soft touches. Only one of his opponents has had a losing record, which was in his pro debut.

The theme of strenuous opposition continued for Eranosyan in 2022, as he recently laced ‘em up against the undefeated Starling Castillo (16-0, 12 KOs) on Shobox. An important fight, as ShoBox is the place to be for young boxers. Otar indicated that it was a great honor to fight on ShoBox, as he relished the chance to show the boxing world how good he is at his weight class.Indeed, Pitbull did just that.

Otar dropped Castillio twice in the opening round. Once with a left hook, then again with a short, counter right. Showcasing pop in both flippers, Otar captured a unanimous decision victory in his second fight on ShoBox. Losing only one round on one of the judge’s scorecards. I asked Otar if he was disappointed since he did not finish an opponent that he dropped twice. He said, ‘absolutely not.’

Otar opined that he was not surprised the fight went the full eight rounds because Castillo was strong and undefeated. Castillo was certainly a formidable prospect in his own right. Coming off impressive performances against Miguel Contreras and the veteran Juan Carlos Burgos. Otar passed the demanding test with flying colors.

The only question is what weight class Eranosyan wants to campaign at, as the Castillo fight took place at the lightweight division, yet Otar’s impressive 2021 campaign was at super featherweight. When I asked Otar what his plans were on the scales for the future, his reply was ambitious, “First I will become the absolute world champion at 130, then I will try at 135.”

Equally as zealous was Pitbull’s response for whom he wanted to face next, “I want the world champions, like Shakur Stevenson and Oscar Valdez, and very soon I will beat them.”

If all goes well, Stevenson and Valdez will fight each other in April or May. Can Otar be pitted against the winner? That would be a tall ask. There is little doubt that Eranosyan would welcome the challenge with open arms. However, the reality of boxing is he will probably have to make more of a name for himself before he can be seen as a worthy risk for Stevenson or Valdez.

Otar is getting better with every fight, which can be attributed to his activity. Therefore, it would benefit him to keep busy, getting his chance at top-ten opposition. I can see potential fights against guys like Lamont Roach, Jono Carroll, and the Mark Urvanov/Angel Rodriguez winner to help season him for a championship fight. Still, hats off to Pitbull for having the willingness
and confidence to want the best there is at 130 pounds right now. After all, is it not all about chasing your dreams?

“Work to make your dreams come true” is Otar’s message to the inspiring young boxers out there.

Regardless of who Otar is matched up against next, there is no doubt it will be on television or some kind of streaming service, and the keen eyeballs of boxing fans will indeed be eager tofeast on the action.

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