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CIARAN GIBBONS RINGSIDE AT MOTERPOINT ARENA CARDIFF – The 3 early knockdowns scored by Eubank in rounds 1, 2 andContinue Reading

CIARAN GIBBONS RINGSIDE AT MOTERPOINT ARENA CARDIFF – The 3 early knockdowns scored by Eubank in rounds 1, 2 and 4 changed the dynamics of the fight from very early on and Williams was in a position where he had to score a knockout/stoppage or at least a knockdown after just 4 rounds. The issue was that against Eubank who possesses a granite chin it became a near impossible task.

Williams to his credit weathered the early storm and boxed well behind his jab in the middle rounds and slowly got himself back into the fight which fell into the pattern I expected minus the knockdowns.

Eubank was moving around the outside of the ring not doing a lot, occasionally throwing pot shots most of which missed, pulling faces and talking while Williams was applying pressure landing jabs and the odd right hand. Of course Eubank at this point would have known he was well up on the score cards and did not need to take any undue risks and seemed to be trying to let Williams walk onto his power shots. It’s fair to assume that Eubank would have been more aggressive in these middle rounds had it not been for the cushion that the early knockdowns provided him.

Eubank was more aggressive in the 11th and put Williams over with what from ringside appeared to be a cuffing shot while Williams was off balance. Williams protests to the referee were to no avail and his trainer Adam Booth looked visibly annoyed across the ring from my position in the press row.

Eubank cruised the final round to a unanimous point win which he hopes will set up a possible world title fight later on in 2022.

No doubt Liam Williams over next few days will be asking himself what might have been if it were not for his disastrous start over the opening third of the fight but he can take solace in the way he fought his way back into the contest and the courage and heart he displayed in what seemed an almost impossible task.

While they will never be friends or on each other’s Christmas card list, together this past week Eubank and Williams captured the public imagination and generated excitement amongst general sports fans and hardcore fight fans alike and it was a great event to kick off British boxing in 2022.

Photo Courtesy of Boxxer

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