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By Anthony “Zute” George – Congratulations on a solid victory over Showtime Show Porter for Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford, The ShapeshifterContinue Reading

By Anthony “Zute” George – Congratulations on a solid victory over Showtime Show Porter for Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford, The Shapeshifter (I still think that is an awesome nickname). Having said that, we should put this fight in perspective before we go all Lady Gaga about this victory.

Bud beat a guy who has already lost to the best at 147. He could have had the chance to defeat Porter before Errol Spence but was not interested in that fight until recently. Such variables prevent a solid victory under The Shapeshifter’s belt from being a fantastic win. If nobody else is going to say this, I must. Still, Crawford passed the all-important test of, ‘when is the next one?’ When the public verbalizes that question after a fight, little else matters. 

Speaking of the next one, it appears as if Crawford’s next fight will not be with Bob Arum and Top Rank Boxing. Although Mr. Arum does have a knack for pulling an inside straight at the eleventh hour. Therefore, the well-publicized split remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the fight everyone now clamors for is a showdown with Errol Spence (it has been that way for years). The smart money says that if Crawford leaves Arum, that fight has a much better chance of being made.

The Neil McCauley in me says I do not want the Spence fight next. Errol has been inactive and has serious health questions. I would prefer to see him in action against a formidable opponent before we start promoting a SuperFight. Instead, at the top of my Christmas list would be a fight between  Crawford and Vergil Ortiz. Boots Ennis as a runner-up. Yordenis Ugas would suffice as a consolation prize. 

Speaking of Top Rank Boxing, I wonder how they will feel when they see Teofimo Lopez lace ‘em up against George Kambosos. Arum & Company have big plans for Teofimo, but anything can happen in a prizefight. As I expect him to, if Lopez wins, I would love to see him move up and fight Tank Davis. A man can dream.

Speaking of dreams, what is with all of the dream fights in Ring Magazine lately? They actually dedicated a whole issue to a fantasy fight between Duran and Whitaker. Really? I cannot be the only one who felt cheated. And if they are not talking fantasy, Ring is dedicating entire issues to pugilists/fights of the past. Overkill, in my opinion.

Speaking of Overkill, was that not the best Men At Work song?

Seriously though, if Ring Magazine is going to give up on the wonderful fighters of today, what hope do we have for boxing to have better coverage in the mainstream? The magazine is loaded with talented scribes; they should focus on giving the talent of today its due. Just saying.

Zute out…

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