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Demsey McKean is all set to return as chief support to rising star Tim Tszyu, as he the ACE Boxing guided heavyweight defends his WBO and IBF regional titles on December 16 at the Bankwest Stadium, live on Fox.

McKean, who is guided by ACE Boxing and trained by Stephen Ng has been talked up to clash with the world’s elite over recent months, with a fight with Tyson Fury even been talked about at one point during Fury’s search for an opponent for his December date.

McKean’s trainer Stephen Ng discussed training during pandemic and the announcement of McKean vs Bowie Tupou on December 16.

Ng stated, “It’s been hard being in Australian during the pandemic due to restrictions being extremely strict at times, but things are starting to ease. It’s been very hard to get fights within Australia and even get sparring, but I’m delighted that ACE Boxing has managed to get this fight over the line for Demsey alongside Jared Treloar of Dreamtime Boxing.

“This is a really good test, Demsey is going in against a fellow regional champion in Bowie Tupou and they both have lofty ambitions, so it’s a great fight never mind one that has been made in this current climate in the world today.

“The show itself is on Fox Sports in Australia, so I’m delighted about that as it’s a big show, with this bout supporting Tim Tszyu’s in the main event, so Demsey needs to be at his best and I can assure everybody it will be a career best performance.”

Training has proved difficult for boxers globally during 2020 with the pandemic period, but Ng has done his utmost to keep his fighters busy. The Queensland based man discussed how he has approached the current global situation.

He said, “We are a driven team, we’ve used this pandemic period as an advantage. We’ve planned for the future throughout. For example next year we’re planning on taking the boys abroad to expand their horizons. We’re always learning, even trainers are, so I’d like to take the boys away to maybe the USA for a camp and maybe a fight.

“I’ve got my son who is world rated and Demsey amongst other top talents in the gym, we’ve adhered to restrictions but we’ve been focused on hitting the ground running when we leave the pandemic period and if any opportunities arise we are ready to take them. This is what has happened in Demsey’s case thanks to the great management at ACE Boxing.

“I have kept busy myself, I am always learning as a trainer and I’ve been developing my Team No Excuses brand which is a project I’ve been working on privately but it incorporates the mindset of the champions that we are around in the boxing world day to day. There’s going to be some exciting developments and products from Team No Excuses in 2021 which will only compliment the other aspects of my business within boxing.”


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