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Angelo Di Carlo is known within Oceania and world boxing as one of boxing’s good guys. Di Carlo has been a mainstay in Australian boxing, guiding some of the best talents from down under to major honors over a career that has spent 20 plus years.

Di Carlo now looks after rising heavyweight star Demsey Mckean, who is on the hunt for a clash with former world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker. Di Carlo opened up about his relationship with Mckean and his hopes for the future of the heavyweight standout.

Di Carlo said, “Demsey has been with us for some time now and you cannot meet a more humble, nice young man who is driven to succeed and we are doing our best to support him every step of the day.

“Demsey has dramatically improved since he has come to camp with our team. He’s really learned the sport of boxing from the ground up, and turned into a very good professional that has the ability to compete on the world stage.

“Not only has Demsey’s knockout ratio massively increased since linking up with us, but he has won two WBO regional titles and become the first Australian to hold the IBF Inter-Continental title. I am incredibly proud of Demsey and very excited about his future.”

Mckean, who is undefeated in his 18 fight career and is currently on a 10 fight KO streak, is in the hunt for a possible all Oceania clash with New Zealand great Joseph Parker. Mckean’s manager Di Carlo assessed the likelihood of a clash between the pair.

Di Carlo said, “I think there are legs in a clash between Parker and Mckean. We have all the respect in the world for Parker, and in a time where global travel is difficult, this fight would make a lot of sense for Australia and New Zealand in my opinion.

“Joseph is an established name and Demsey is an up and coming star, so why not give the fans an intriguing contest and an Aussie vs Kiwi battle that will be remembered for years to come. It will definitely be a great fight as the winner has a lot to gain and the sporting eyes of two nations will be focused on this fight and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

“I feel Demsey is deserving of this fight ahead of any drug cheat. Drug cheats have no place in boxing and in my opinion if they get caught on more than one occasion they need banning from the sport for life, not rewarding! So for that reason alone I feel that if Parker chose to fight an Oceania based opponent, that wasn’t washed up or a convinced drug cheat, it would have to be Demsey Mckean.”


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