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By Russell Bedford – When Chris Eubank stepped away from the boxing ring, it was common knowledge that we hadn’t heard or seen the last of the great man.

With a character as outspoken, and as flamboyant as him, it would only be a matter of time before we saw the eccentric personality on our screens or in the press again.

Following on from the 2nd fight against Thompson, it was notable that public perception of Eubank had increased somewhat. The respect that he occasionally didn’t get from others for his boxing career was now being heaped upon him and with it, new opportunities developed.

Stints on Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a celeb get me out of here, a Louis Theroux documentary plus his own family show, “At home with the Eubanks” kept him in the public eye. Sometimes maybe not coming off as he had wished these were all great opportunities for Eubank to further build a career outside of the ring.

The public still finding him a character of both likeable and confusing character traits, saw Eubank for what he was. An intelligent, thoughtful man that had a wise outlook on life. Compare this to the man we saw approaching the ring on fight night and you could think it was a different person. In truth it was, in the excellent autobiography he wrote, Eubank references how the boxer, the showman, was a role he played. Comparing it to a character in a Shakespeare play. The man that had left that career behind was the real Christopher Livingston Eubank.

Aside from being on our screens for entertainment purposes there were moments that although publicised, may not have been ones he wished to see gathering headlines. In October of 2003, the famous truck was front page news as the police arrested Eubank for driving around Parliament Square with  “TONY BLAIR! MILITARY OCCUPATION CAUSES TERRORISM,” displayed on the vehicle. Whilst some would perhaps agree with the message, there were those that didn’t and saw it as a mixture of publicity seeking and misinformation. In  Feb 2007 a similar stunt saw a similar outcome as once again the truck came out and aimed criticism at the British PM. The banner this time reading “BLAIR – Don’t send our young prince to your catastrophic illegal war, to make it look plausible!” arrested with a suspicion of a breach of the peace , it wasn’t long until the political stance got him in further trouble. The following month a charge of making an unlawful anti war protest was bought against him after he parked his truck outside Downing Street with a message to Gordon Brown.

This seemed to be the end of the legal troubles for Eubank but in 2009 he was declared bankrupt with alleged owed taxes of over £1million.

Still appearing on Tv every so often it wasn’t until his son Chris Eubank Jr entered the professional ranks that we started to see Eubank Senior at his best. Dressed in his own unique style, eulogising about his son and the belts he would win, Eubank was back as the man we all loved to hate and hated to love. Guiding his son on an upward trajectory was the aim and with the man that presided over his very own navigation through the ranks, Ronnie Davies in the corner too, there were hopes for a repeat of the dominance Senior showed.

Watching Senior train Eubank and pass on his years of knowledge would show us that this is still a man that knows his way around a boxing ring, so much so that it lead for calls from former foe Nigel Benn, for a long awaited third fight between the two. As of yet we haven’t seen it materialise and in my opinion we never will. Realistically this is the best result for all parties.

Married twice and a Father to 5, Eubank was reluctant to see his Family members step into the ring but it is a path that has so far ben chosen by the majority with Junior, Sebastian and Nathaneal all donning the gloves. Whether any of them can reach the peaks reached by their Father is something we cannot predict, if they do though, you can guarantee it wont be with the same braggadocio that preceded them.

In 2015 Eubank was asked about his parents and told a detailed story about his upbringing and the influence they provided. Touching upon his famous love for all things English and how his Father had made an effort to fit into English culture it was here that we learned that Eubank would now wish to be referred to by that name as a way of tribute to his Father-It is another quirk of this loveable character but it is a quirk that comes from affection for both his Family and Country.

For some, gogglebox may have been the first time that they had listened to Eubank dissect something or put his own unique spin on a matter of topical relevance. The famous sweetie scene going down in reality TV folklore!

Whilst watching, you may have glanced the police badge proudly adorning his shirt, is this just another eccentricity, another fashion faux pas? Well it is neither, awarded the role of sergeant for Louisiana police, Eubank spends times in the US, mentoring the youth and helping the police force. With his vibrant character, full use of vocabulary and a fashion sense that is quintessentially English, you wonder how many cons will fear the charge read out or the jab that could be returned should they not show the necessary respect!

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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