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A bad day at the office? The effects of an Illness playing its part or plain and simple was Sergiy Derevyanchenko a little better than some of us give him credit for? Questions that I myself asked and was asked of in the fall out of Gennady Golovkin’s lacklustre display on-route to a decision victory last Saturday.

I sit here now and ask myself why was I so surprised by the showing? looking back, recollecting the warning signs that were already sounding in recent interview’s with talk of a lack of focus and as a friend of mine pointed out recently when asked on the breakfast club about his power declining he seemed to agree with the fact.

Maybe we can put that down to crossed wires with the language barrier coming into play, Golovkin may have agreed with the lack of focus but from the initial stages of the contest the power seemed more of a tongue in cheek comment as we witnessed him landing with authority in the contests opener, leaving a bewildered Derevyanchenko on the canvas before a cut emerged on the left eye of the Ukrainian to further compound his misery, or so we thought at that stage.

I have to admit to feeling quite smug in my assessment that the fight wouldn’t last the full twelve round schedule but as we now know, that was wholeheartedly premature.

Derevyanchenko unlike some fighters who we have known to go into survival mode after his less than stellar start didn’t seem perturbed by the slit under his eye, something we can attribute to great corner work, Andre Rosier, in particular, drawing a cool and collective figure, administering calm instruction to his charge whilst the flip side found Golovkin’s trainer Jonathan Banks seemingly unable to find answers for the wave after wave of attacks, pleading with Golovkin to match the rhythm of the opposition.

The cut acted as a catalyst to push forward, backing up the usually unmovable Golovkin, making him uncomfortable in fighting off the back foot whilst the occasional shot to the midsection further sapping the energy from his reserves, also to note, it was a thing of beauty to watch Derevyanchenko pivot around Golovkin before giving him a chance to set his feet, a tactic we had seen Danny Jacobs also having elements of success with.

In conclusion, It doesnt become such a reach in ones assessment to state just how bad Golovkin looked, I myself am a great advocate of Golovkin’s but found myself searching for an explanation for the deterioration of a fighter who for long periods of his career become a boogeyman to the rest of the division, his name at times was ushered in quiet tones but you would feel not so much anymore basing it on this performance alone, the division becomes a frenzied hunting ground, sensing perhaps that the old Lion was now ripe for the taking.

So the question remains, what is the reason for such a sub-par performance?

Taking everything into account I think it becomes a combination of things, if the reports are found to be true that he was in the midst of an illness then this would certainly contribute to his woes but even before this time the signs of deterioration was evident, even in his KO win over Steve Rolls.

Ultimately It may just be the effects of the undefeated Old Father Time catching up to another fighter.

Each great athlete must some day bow to that perennial old champion, Father Time, even as I, for Time eventually wins.

Major Taylor

Whilst writing this, scratching my head to find reason for Golovkin’s performance, I do not intend to take anything away from the great showing that was put forth by Sergiy Derevyanchenko who on the night showed he is certainly one of the big players in the Middleweight division.

The rematch is a legitimate next course of action for Gennady, he will not retire on that performance as some have suggested, whilst the calls will continue for the trilogy with Canelo we can argue that taking the financial gain away what does Canelo have to reap by revisiting the contest? Not much.

I would be in favour of seeing the rematch, I initially scored the fight in favour of GGG by a round or two, rubbishing claims of robbery but see why some scored in favour of Derevyanchenko especially after seeing the punch stats below. In an ideal world, I would love to see Golovkin ride off in to the sunset with his legacy and faculties in-tact, we can but dream.

All Stats compiled by

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