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By Jonathan Harris – This weekend the famous Madison square garden hosts Britain’s pride and joy Anthony Joshua V The smiling Mexican assassin Andy Ruiz in what promises to be a barnstormer of a night. 

June the 1st is already set in big bright lights and has huge potential to engrave an upset in the history books. Aj makes his American Debut and Ruiz looks to be the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion of the world. 

The drama with the whole run up to this fight has been quite an exciting experience in itself, with the animosity between Joshua and Jarell Miller first causing a stir and the heat rising with a jolting shove at the first face-off, us fans were expecting fireworks, with later on Big baby Miller failing a drug test for 3 banned substances, which practically makes him a chemist with legs. We were left in dispute of who the next challenger could be, names were being thrown into the pot like a swear jar in a rugby club! But with one Instagram message to Eddie Hearn, the game changed. Mr.Ruiz was given the title shot that he deserves. 

This brought a fair storm of critics hitting to social media for fans who wouldn’t typically know of the smiley Mexican, although Ruiz looks like he has been diving into a diet of Burritos and tacos, the man can show up, with an amateur record of 105-5 and some very impressive professional bouts, including a very controversial and close bout to former opponent of Joshua, Joseph Parker, there is no doubt in anybody’s eyes that this is a dangerous fight, a lot more competitive than the tear up with Miller.

Here’s what I believe, once again I am a small drop in the ocean, going against the majority and sticking with a gut feeling I have inside, but that is what makes the sport of boxing such a magical thing, right? 

Or maybe it makes me look like I live in a fairy tale world, but either way, I’m good with that. 

Anthony Joshua is no stranger to fighting a shorter man, standing at 6 foot 6 and built like a Greek god every weigh-in, Joshua has the advantage of staring down on his opponents, but the height difference at the press conference this week was pretty striking, that doesn’t always mean a disadvantage. Aj has had his struggles in the past with shorter fighters, Takam being one with the coming in low, also breaking the nose of AJ with a headbutt, Povetkin gave his fair share of problematic experiences and also Parker using his disadvantage to his advantage and getting on the inside to fight it out in close range. 

For me here we have very short fighter in Ruiz, who can box, has fast hands, a big gas tank and will come forward to fight, and quite frankly a nightmare style for the current champion, we say a lot as fans that styles make fights and Ruiz’s style will be kryptonite for Aj.

While most believe this to be a stroll in the park for the current belt holder, I am of the small percentage that holds these thoughts, this is Ruiz’s time to make history and them shiny belts that he has been admiring so much, will be taking a long bumpy ride to the country of boxing champions, mēxhico.

Whatever happens tomorrow night, New York City is in for an exhilarating night of boxing with a fantastic crowd of over 8,000 British to make their voices heard!


I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.

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