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The Monsters the headline refers too are aimed more aptly at the Punches administered than of character, although one as taken it as his moniker while the other does himself no favours in people labelling him as such, from either side of the spectrum in weight class, we witnessed both Deontay Wilder and Naoya Inoue deliver with devastation for the retainment and challenge of their titles, landing soul taking shots some would call ‘Monsterous’

I didn’t intend on doing a comparison between two fighters which shouldn’t really be compared but found myself fascinated when looking at both fighters in how they are so different in many ways but also hold similarities in others.

Both are worlds apart in terms of location, a look at the map will see that its a long way from Yokohama to Alabama plus then, of course, the styles both like to employ, one very much is a Queensbury’s rules finest whilst the other is more of a home run hitter looking to make an impact whenever he swings.

Touching more on the Stylistic approach will find the ones employed are far apart, kind of like Wilder’s legs whenever he looks to throw that famed right hand, his style in particular is difficult to sum up so shall we just describe it as very unconventional, in fact It’s a style that as left purists to wince at the countless times he completely throws himself out of position with the sheer amount of velocity he puts into every round fired from its chamber.

Naoya Inoue is the polar opposite to Wilder, his is a style much more suited to the purist’s appetite, one that will prompt trainers to sit young hopefuls down in the hope they could absorb the teachings. The Japanese fighter whether it be off the back foot or in mounting an attack always looks to be in a great position to do so, all the while, thinking two moves ahead, its poetry in motion.

So what else can’t be shared? Well attitude is another, Wilder isn’t too everyone’s liking, a character trait that is often brought on by his colourful way of expressing himself.

I’ve found Wilder amusing at times, a showman above all but I feel he let himself down in talk of wanting to kill a man in the ring, almost pleading that it would come to fruition, there is a line in building a fight and although numerous fighters have let the occasion get the best of them, it is a comment that shouldn’t be made knowing as we do how fragile the life of a boxer is inside those ropes.

It’s a comment that is given more credence for Wilder especially one who is a heavy-handed individual, I don’t believe I am on my own in saying we don’t want to hear such things within our sport.

Here is another category in which Inoue differs, he is more reserved in his pre-fight hype, professionalism above all, without the need to be braggadocious in his abilities which are there for all to see, Sometimes less is more.

On the outside It looks to be a vast margin between the two and although true in most aspects, the two men do share similarities.

Both are respected world champions in their respective divisions, Wilder keeping a tight grip of his title by making quick work of Dominic Breazeale’s challenge and Inoue doing the same but a round later to Emmanuel Rodriguez to capture the IBF Bantamweight crown.

Both remain unbeaten with only a slight blip in the road in Wilder’s case to Tyson Fury and last but most obvious, the astounding power that both possess.

We as fight fans love a knockout puncher and here we have two of the very best. Challengers often talk about how they will be able to deal with the movement or defence of an individual but this type of power is unavoidable to most, the type that can be considered the most effective Insomnia cure around.

We can now look forward to seeing Inoue take his spot in the final of the WBSS where he will go up against WBA champion Nonito Donaire, as for Deontay Wilder we await with baited breath for his next move which we hope will stay around a little longer than Breazeale.

Anyways, Thank you all once again for reading my latest ramblings in this weeks #MyTake.

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.

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