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Paul J Daley – CANELO MD/SD – Its another of those predictions where I’m left to ponder, asking myself ‘What If’ questions over and over in the hope of one sticking to reaffirm something that resembles the most realistic scenario.

This is a matchup that I have envisaged for quite some time, before Canelo’s back to back wars with Gennady Golovkin even, believing that the contrast of styles blends perfectly with one another.

Since the announcement of the fight, I decided to rewatch both men’s respective battles with the common foe of Golovkin in the hope of getting a better verdict for the one I am about to render, Jacobs as we know came away on the wrong end of a decision that some believe he should have claimed as victory, whilst Canelo in his most recent outing with Gennady, left Las Vegas with a grin as wide as a Cheshire cat much the reversal, with die-hard GGG fans in sync of the disgust felt that their man had again been hard done by.

In both fights, it highlighted to me how evenly matched this contest is from the outset.

Jacobs will enter with a backstory that is as his nickname suggests ‘Miraculous’ in his defeat of Cancer, a disease that threatened to claim his livelihood with Doctors coming to the conclusion that he would be lucky to walk, beyond belief in their thinking he would be able to compete again, but Danny, I think we can all agree isn’t a normal individual, driven on by sheer determination he not only got to his feet, not only did he once more resume his career but on Saturday night he will take on boxing’s money ticket in Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez for the spoils on offer in the talent-rich Middleweight division.

Jacobs steps through the ropes as the bigger guy with the longer reach, looking to make good on those advantages. Jacobs does most things well, able to dictate the pace of fights, uses a snapping jab to fight on the outside but can mix it up effectively with a left hook that was used to good effect against Golovkin in particular. He holds power in his right hand that demands respect also.

Canelo is the man which all bow before, He is boxing’s money man, seizing the mantle from Floyd Mayweather. The Mexican is a fighter who it seems is constantly surrounded by drama, the rumours of breaking another fighters jaw in a street brawl, the Mexican beef debacle and then, of course, the controversy that encapsulated the two wars with Golovkin, the last being no fault of his own.

It’s meant that like Mayweather, he too is either loved or hated, but one thing that can’t be denied is his talent. He enters the fight as the betting favourite for good reason, a solid foundation, brilliance in the way in which he puts his shots together, the adaptability shown more so since his only career loss to Mayweather plus he also has a beard that has absorbed the best Golovkin could muster without a single crack shown.

In his second fight in particular with Golovkin, I know I continue to bang on about the contest but it is for good reason, when he was goaded to stand and trade by Golovkin’s now former trainer Abel Sanchez, he not only proved his Mexican heart for battle, he turned back the advances of a fighter who up until that point many of us thought was impossible to be put on the back foot.

It was sensational to watch and will need to be replicated with a little more on top if he is to come away from the T-Mobile arena with his titles intact.

I’ve gone back and forth with this pick, even using the column inches here to find a more concrete opinion, It’s hard not to champion the challenge of Jacobs, he is a model professional away from the ring with the aforementioned backstory which resides in a true underdog story. Not that he is in this instance of course, I feel on the night that Jacobs will win enough rounds to make this a close encounter on the judges scorecards but the fact that he has fallen to the likes of Pirog, Golovkin and even Mora is a cause for concern. I feel aided by a late knockdown, Canelo’s hand will be raised by Majority decision, possibly even Split as once again Controversy is the talking point around the result.

Jonathan Harris – JACOBS SD– This year has shown some brilliant fights, but this may just be the tastiest so far, Daniel Jacobs, the man who many claims beat the bogeyman Triple G Versus the man who had the nod against Triple G!

For a long time, I have wanted this fight to open up its wings for us all to enjoy, and one thing we can be thankful for is that the timing is almost perfect for both warriors at this point of their career.

Both men bring a variable rate of skills to the table to make for a very interesting matchup to raise the hairs on the back of your neck holding just a thought of what could happen inside the ropes on the night.

Jacobs clearly having the clear size advantage over the fiery Mexican is really what makes this fight so interesting, what can be misinterpreted as advantage could also be a disadvantage, with Canelo’s outstanding ability to work the body in true Mexican style, the height for Jacobs could quite possibly find him having to defend against this for majority of the fight being unable to let off his own game plan like he wants to play.

If all goes to plan Jacobs needs to use that length to keep the aggressive opposition in Canelo on the end of his jab and rack up the points by poking the bear with a stick as some may see it.

Skills, technique and speed majority would hand it to Alvarez and have him to walk through Jacobs pretty much with ease, but along with the length and height advantage, we have seen Jacobs show a tremendous chin against mutual opponent Gennady Golovkin and has shown the blueprint of a true fighter, a huge heart! Not all tools are visible to the naked eye in this fight game!

My prediction

My mind has changed on how I see the actual fight going down day in, day out, I have struggled to pinpoint what I actually feel this fight is going to offer, but at this very moment I am going to go with my heart, After a tough fought fight with a show of great heart and skills for the first 7 rounds, Canelo I feel will tire himself out trying to get on the inside of the bigger fighter, along with the weight advantage on the night taking it’s toll on Canelo, losing momentum and the ‘Miracle Man’ taking full advantage to gain back the few rounds that he may lose at the start of the fight. I feel Jacobs will get his hand raised in victory with a split decision.

After everything the “Miracle Man” has gone through, I really hope he can do it and get what is deserved!

Dean Berks – CANELO UD– This is a tremendous fight. Alvarez just seems to keep getting better and better, and Jacobs has once again added a world title to his name. But can he go one better and take out boxing’s money machine?

Size advantage certainly sits with Jacobs and he packs enough power in his right hand to command Alvarez respect. He also owns a good jab and will no doubt approach this fight with a similar strategy to his meeting with Golovkin. His weakness appears in his defence. Sometimes he will just cover up as opposed to slipping and moving, and he has been dropped and wobbled several times. Alvarez is made in the modern Mexican mould: Sharp counterpuncher, traditional left hook to the liver, and a stone-cold approach whether on the attack or under fire. While he does not possess knockout power at the very highest level, his dismantling of those underneath the elite is impressive. Which brings us to the question of whom will emerge victorious on Saturday night? Whilst I think Jacobs can have his moments, I can only see one winner. I don’t know whether he can stop Jacobs but I certainly expect to see Canelo’s arm raised after earning a unanimous decision.

Tre Berry IIICANELO SD – This is really one fight that I’ve been looking forward to ever since the contracts were signed, and the announcements were made, as two of the three best Middleweights, along with being two of the more clever boxers in the world would agree to square off against one another on May 4th in front of a Las Vegas crowd.

The man at Middleweight right now that holds the keys to much of the hardware, the critical acclaim and the fame is boxing’s biggest star & LINEAL/WBA/WBC Champion of the World Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Canelo is one who over time moulded himself into a complete fighter, one that can fight at all 3 levels (inside, middle distance, outside), throw his punches properly, is one of the greatest defensive fighters going today, and is the best counter-puncher in boxing. What he will have to encounter on Saturday is a fighter nearly equally as skilled as he is, one who has a functional 4-inch height advantage, and about a 3-inch reach advantage over him in IBF Middleweight Titlist Daniel ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs. Jacobs knows how to use those gifts, and may want to stay behind a heavy barrage of jabs to the chest while defensively staying responsible, keeping Canelo outside.

Jacobs should avoid getting into exchanges due to his one weakness is that his punches get wide and wild when he trades punches aligning with Canelo’s greatest asset picking you apart with short, laser-like counter-punches over the top and downstairs. As long as Jacobs remains tall and gives Canelo different looks throughout the fight, it will even up the playing field a little where we should get a competitive fight throughout.

My scoring prediction will be (115 – 113 SPLIT-DECISION for CANELO) for what we may see in the fight, not necessarily what the judges may render. In ALL of Canelo’s big fights, scoring has been a major concern, to were predicting what the official scores would be are all over the place, so I’m focusing on the scope of the actual fight and what I expect it to produce, and to show us. The winner will walk away with 3 title belts, and put him one step closer to becoming Undisputed Middleweight Champion. With that being said, I can’t wait to see how this one pans out.


Steve Haigh – CANELO UD– Interesting one this, I don’t see either man getting the stoppage so it’s a no brainer with the old Vegas safety net in play for the house favourite fighter. Which is a shame because all things being above board it has the makings to be a close tactical fight, Jacobs will probably use range and volume whilst Canelo will try to get on the inside and attempt to remove a busy lead hand from the New Yorker.

I’m rooting for Daniel Jacobs but I just don’t see him getting a fair shake on the scorecards. Oscar De La Hoya will put the Mexican in New York against a Rocky Fielding type but not against a top 160lber like Jacobs.

Richard Lewis – CANELO UD– Arguably the best two middleweights in the world square off against one another this weekend under the bright lights of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. What a fantastic and intriguing match up it is between these two, who put their combined three world titles on the line also.

Who wins it is a tough question to answer, Canelo no doubt the favourite after his two, though very debatable (at least the first), wins over former Middleweight king Gennady Golovkin. Whilst Jacobs too took GGG all the way only to lose a very narrow points decision in a fight that many, myself included felt that he’d done enough to win and was unlucky not to get his hand raised at the end. Since then Canelo has taken on Rocky Fielding and won a very one-sided easy fight up at Super-Middleweight, whilst Jacobs rebuilt with three good wins against then-undefeated opponents in the form of Luis Arias, Maciej Sulecki and Sergey Derevyanchenko for the vacant IBF world title which Jacobs won via a split decision.

Canelo giving away height and reach advantage could find it difficult to get inside and make his mark on Jacobs, who himself is an intelligent fighter and will be using these attributes to the best of his ability. But the better the opponent generally the more of the most complete boxer we see in Canelo who thrives on these big fights, and his counterpunching ability could prove the difference in this exciting battle.

I don’t know if either man will take enough punishment from the other to see them stopped but Jacobs has been down before earlier in his career and most notably in that fight previously mentioned with Golovkin, as well as during his first fight with Sergio Mora and his first career loss to the heavy hitting and often missed Russian powerhouse, Dmitry Pirog, whilst Canelo has yet to touch the canvas in his 54 fights to date.

Who wins? I think after a few close early rounds Canelo will start to find his feet and pull away, though Jacobs will keep it competitive for as long as possible but will fall short and Canelo will take a points decision over his rival, thus further staking his claim as the no.1 Middleweight.

Craig MorganCANELO TKO – Canelo has great momentum & seems to be coming into his peak. Watching all the pre-fight footage, Canelo’s speed & power looks outstanding.

Jacobs is a tough competitor and will have the size advantage on fight night. I think his movement will give Canelo problems in the first few rounds but since being schooled by Mayweather, his all-around boxing ability has improved immensely.

Jacobs has reestablished his standing at 160, by picking up the IBF title in his last fight & deserves this fight on merit.

Although he was given a gift decision against GGG, when many thought he lost the first & second fights, Canelo can’t be blamed for the scorecards. Historically speaking, you wouldn’t likely see Jacobs getting the decision if it does go to the scorecards.

To surmise, I’m predicting a TKO win for Canelo. I expect him to take a few rounds to deal with the movement of Jacobs but then see him forcing the referee to step in & for him to get the TKO win.

Jamie BourneCANELO MD – I foresee Jacobs controlling the first six rounds of the fight, employing his sharp jab along with his favourable reach advantage to keep Canelo at bay, whilst utilising his lightning hand-speed to land his shots and then steer clear of trouble. Although the Mexican possesses a cast-iron chin and will be difficult to weaken, it is still important for Jacobs to ensure Alvarez feels his power early doors.

At the halfway stage, I expect the American to have built a commanding lead. As the fight develops, though, I believe Jacobs will slowly fatigue due to the rehydration clause. This will create openings for Canelo’s sickening body shots, which will begin to suck the air from the IBF champion’s lungs.
While Jacobs’ speed and power deteriorate, Alvarez will begin to find the target more frequently and will grow in confidence, which will earn him the majority of the later rounds. Jacobs is renowned for his fighting spirit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is forced to momentarily take a knee in order to regain his breath.

Like most of Canelo’s recent fights, I think the outcome will prove to be somewhat controversial, with opinions divided on who deserved the decision. I anticipate that Jacobs will win the lion’s share of the twelve rounds, but Canelo’s body punching and crisp combinations will be sweeter on the eye of the judges. Plus a possible late knockdown could also swing things in his favour.

Sam Constantinou Coulter – JACOBS POINTS– Canelo v Jacobs is an incredible matchup of two of the worlds best middleweight fighters.

Canelo is the naturally smaller man who has worked his way through the weight classes but he is a highly skilled boxer.

Some of his combination punching is remarkable and if you aren’t an elite level fighter he will break you down with ease.

Jacobs is a man who has fought back from adversity overcoming bone cancer to return to the sport.

His return is nothing short of miraculous and serves as an inspiration to us all.

Jacobs is the bigger man with the underrated technical ability to go with his power.

Whilst Canelo is to many the favourite you cannot write off a man like Jacobs.

I’m having extreme difficulty in picking a winner but when pushed to decide I am predicting an upset win.

Jacobs is a top level fighter who some feel actually beat Golovkin when they fought in 2017.

I am predicting a close Jacobs points win but this is a fight that really could go either way.

Who Wins? Let us know by either commenting below or Tweeting us @TOPCLASSBOXING

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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