My Take


I’m glad that the fights from Friday night gave me my fill of excitement because I was less than happy as I woke from my slumber on Sunday morning with a hangover of a fight that I initially had high expectations for.

In fact I’m still unable to comprehend what you could call the contest between Rances Barthelemy and Robert Easter, it was more of an interpretive dance than a competitive event, I can honestly say that I have witnessed better sparring sessions that the one that sent droves of insomniacs in to their slumber in the early hours of Sunday morning (UK Viewers).

This, fortunately, wasn’t the case on Friday night, much the reversal in fact as Danny Roman and TJ Doheny set the frantic pace of fisticuffs with a fight of the year candidate that left us all wanting more from a bout that had everything promised from the outset. It was most pleasing for us at TopClassBoxing knowing we have followed the career of Roman from the very beginning, going as far as to feature him on our Fighters watch section of our site since the infancy of his career.

It was also refreshing to see the Respect that resided after the twelve rounds shared between the two, it takes two to tango and both of these fighters danced their way into the hearts of fight fans.

Others should take note of these two fighters who were willing to face one another at the pinnacle of their respective division, a sentiment not shared by many, in a sport that is doing its best hide and seek rendition.

Already having our fill of excitement, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai and Juan Francisco Estrada was the cherry on the top, sure they looked to upstage the contest that had gone before, a feat they weren’t able to achieve but still able to give a great account as we all come to expect. The title after twelve closely contested rounds switched hands with the Mexican becoming the second current winner of the prestigious Ring Title, along of course with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

I have to state though, things could have been very different if Rungvisai employed the right tactics, to begin with, I found it strange that Rungvisai again took a while to get going, fighting unexplainably out of an orthodox stance that didn’t work out quite as well as initially envisaged, a strange tactic showing itself to be true when he switched and immediately started to win rounds from the Southpaw stance.

Estrada, on the other hand, looked like a man on a mission to right a wrong that he believed to be the case from their first encounter, immediately he went on the offensive to win the majority of the earlier rounds with a mixture of timing and movement that actually won him the contest.

Estrada v Rungvisai 3? Sure why not? Who doesn’t love a trilogy?


Elsewhere on a packed weekend of action, I was eager to see the progression of two of the more exciting heavyweights making their way through the ranks, on UK Shores it was on the Hulking Daniel Dubois and across the Atlantic, my eyes averted to Efe Ajagba.

Both done what was expected in scoring knockouts, further enticing us to linger in the thought of how far either will go in careers that have a long time to run. Dubois showed he has a decent chin as he traded with Richard Latery before putting the contest to bed with a perfect right hand. Dubois isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as the saying goes in the Uk, but he as raw talent which can be polished before making steps towards World titles, certainly an interesting proposition who will have a say in the future ruling of the division, to that I have little doubt.

Ajagba I was hoping would go more rounds that he did but sadly it wasn’t to be on this occasion, two rounds, in fact, is all it took before as he put away the challenge of Michael Wallisch. Ajagba is possibly the one who intrigues me the most from the current group of Heavyweight prospects, a solid looking heavyweight, with good boxing skill mixed with activity by the bucketload, then, of course, the added ability to finish with aplomb. Let’s hope we see further progression with a more durable opponent next time out, hoping that we get to see more of that untapped potential come to the surface.


Almost Guaranteed fireworks, Regis Prograis as expected moved into the final of the World Boxing Super Series where he will now await the winner of Josh Taylor Vs Ivan Barancyk.

Prograis took home his first world title, making it look like a cake walk as he dominated the now former champion in Kiryl Relikh, bloodying the nose of the Belarusian before his corner decided rightly to save their fighter for another occasion.

Prograis is indeed a livewire, targeting all the world champions in the division like a hitman striking lines through kills, he will now eagerly fixate on the winner from Scotland, with intentions of doing the same to that opponent as he did to Relikh.


Nonito Donaire turned back the clock with a highlight reel knockout of Stephon Young and now awaits the challenge of the World Boxing Super Series Final, in the hope he gets to match wits with Boxing’s best in Naoya Inoue, I know, I had to listen to his comment again believing them to be a hoax, I mean who wants to fight the ‘Monster’?

“Both guys (Rodriguez and Inoue) are amazing, but there was an unspoken thing with me and (Inoue), and how much I respect him, and I love Japan, as well,” Donaire said. “There was unspoken respect and a goal between me and Naoya Inoue that we were going to go to the finals. So he’s always supported me to get to the final, that’s where I’m gonna be supporting him to get to the final so we can face off with each other.”

In conclusion In all honesty I was going to write more on the contest of Easter v Barthelemy but I can’t bring myself to do so, I just don’t have the energy or the toothpicks to keep my eyes open to report on the fight, so I that concludes as I leave you with a Thank you for checking this week #MyTake segment out, as we can all now count down to one of boxings best matchups of Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Vs. Daniel ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs and we have a long weekend to soak it all in.


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