Fight Report


On this night we were at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. for the Thompson Boxing Promotions show, Locked ‘N Loaded. The main event this evening was between Erick “All American Boy” Ituarte (21-1-1, 3 KOs) and Jose “Hollywood” Estrella (20-16-1, 14 KOs). These two featherweights were scheduled to go 10 rounds. It has been almost a year since Ituarte has been in the ring to fight.

The two fighters gave us a good first round, with each man showing the other a bit of what they had, while managing not to get caught. They did pick up the action in the second, and it seemed as if it would continue to heat up. And so it did. The third round was full of action which saw the two fighting in close for most of the round. They also both threw combinations, and Ituarte added some good body work as well.

The fourth was one that allowed Estrella to show off a bit. While he did get caught by Erick more than once, he had some really good moments and landed some hard shots. He also proved to Ituarte that he was durable. Erick came out hot in the fifth, peppering Estrella with combinations. But after absorbing those, Jose came back to press the action.

Photo by Cynthia Saldana 

Estrella had a big round in the sixth. He was pushing Erick back, staying aggressive, and making contact. But make no mistake, Ituarte was not allowing him complete control. He was still relying on his body shots to do some damage, as well as combinations. We saw more of the same action in the seventh, but right at the end of the round, Estrella dropped to his knees from a low blow. He was able to walk to his corner and we moved into the eighth.

He recovered quite nicely for that eighth round, as he was all over Erick in the beginning of that round. But Ituarte bounced back and began landing again. This was another back and forth contest. In the ninth, Jose began getting a little wild. He was swinging a lot wider than he had earlier, and not connecting as much. We moved to the tenth and final.

While Erick finished off the fight a bit stronger by taking the final round, Estrella was a good dance partner for him the entire time. He was tough, and able to land a lot of leather on Ituarte. We went to the scorecards. Two of the judges saw the fight 100-89, while the third had the score 98-92, all for Ituarte.

Photo by Cynthia Saldana 

In a super middleweight fight, Richard Brewart (5-0, 2 KOs) faced off with Sergio Ramirez (6-6, 6 KOs). This bout was for a scheduled four rounds. We saw a surprisingly slow first round between these two with very little action. The second round provided not a lot more action than the first, and what little there was came from Brewart. There was still nothing to write home about, however.

In the third round there were no changes in either the pace of the fight or the punch output. Finally, in the fourth round there was some action. Most of it came from Brewart, and we went to the scorecards to get the final results. All three of the judges saw the bout the same, 40-36, all for Brewart. Still, a rather lackluster performance by Richard.

Photo by Cynthia Saldana 

The hard-hitting Luis Lopez (6-0, 3 KOs) took on Daniel Perales (10-17-2, 5 KOs) in a fight that was scheduled to go four rounds, and was in the welterweight division. Lopez jumped right on Perales straight away, made easier by the fact that Daniel was quite wild early on. He did manage to get in some punches, but Luis was the most accurate of the two in the first round. 

The second round remained all Lopez, even though Perales did try to go on the attack and was able to get some leather on his opponent. Both men were able to do some damage in the third, and this fight was showing a lot of action. In the fourth and final the men really gave it their all, with Lopez being the more polished of the two throughout all of the fight. Perales hung in tough though, and we went to the scorecards. All three of the judges saw the fight the same, 40-36, all for Lopez.

Photo by Cynthia Saldana 

Heavyweights were next as Oscar Torrez (5-0, 2 KO) faced off against Thomas Hawkins (4-4, 1 KO) in a bout that was scheduled for four rounds. There was virtually no action until the last 20 seconds or so, when Torrez finally felt he could unleash on Hawkins. Oscar took up where he left off at the beginning of the second, but about midway the action slowed down again. Up to the halfway point, Thomas did not seem to have an answer for Torrez. 

Torrez was in absolute control of the third round. His domination continued into the final round, when finally, at a little over a minute in the round, referee Tony Crebs waved the fight off.

Photo by Cynthia Saldana 

The fight that opened up the evening was a scheduled four-rounder in the lightweight division between two fighters making their professional debut. Chris Crowley took on Davonte McCowen in this one. There were some good shots landed from each of these fighters in the first round. Neither one looked particularly nervous or anxious in there. The second was more of the same. We had seen two good rounds thus far.

Both men continued to land their punches in the third. McCowen started to look a little bit tired and flat-footed, but he still had a strong right hand that had been working for him each round, while Crowley seemed to have more gas in the tank and could hit hard as well. Both of them looked tired in the fourth and final, but to their credit they continued to throw punches the entire round. 

We went to the judges’ scorecards. One judge saw it 37-39, while the other two had it 38-38. This fight was a majority draw. That was actually not a bad call, as each young fighter had their moments of shining at different times during the four rounds. 

The main event was a very entertaining one. On paper Estrella did not look that good, and the scores reinforced that. But he was a tougher test for Ituarte, as he had no quit in him and kept on coming. Kudos to both men on their performances. 


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