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David Price found himself in a heated exchange of words at the final press conference ahead of Saturday’s fight against Kash Ali.

The 35-year-old from Liverpool didnt take things lightly after being labelled a “quitter”when Ali questioned his desire for battle ahead of their clash in Liverpool on Saturday night on the Smith-Eggington undercard.

Ali had barely started speaking when Price launched a fiery response towards the 27-year-old’s previous comments.

“I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen on Saturday night, lad,” said Price. “This is the big stage. You’re going to be like a rabbit in the headlights. I’m going to send you back to the leisure centres.

“I’ve seen what you’ve been saying, it’s nothing that I haven’t read or seen before, ‘oh he’s a quitter.’ Do you think I’m going to quit against you lad?

“You throw about 20 punches a round. You’ll go back to being a sparring partner.”

The heavyweight duo have already exchanged leather in sparring, although the contender from Birmingham insists he has taken his boxing more seriously in recent years, and promises to deliver another blow to Price’s career.

“Listen, I sparred with you two years ago. I’ve had 15 fights. I’ve got out of bed for none of them,” said Ali. “You better know I’m coming for you mate.

I’m coming for you. You can’t do nothing.”

But a raging Price promised to send Ali home with a loss on his record as the Liverpudlian aims to stay in the mix for more major fights.

“I’m made up you’ve gone like this, because I thought you were half alright,” said Price.

“You’re going to get your head punched in. Wait and see, lad.

You’ll be back in the leisure centres.”

Watch David Price versus Kash Ali on the Liam Smith-Sam Eggington undercard, which also features Anthony Fowler against Scott Fitzgerald in Liverpool on Saturday, from 7pm on Sky Sports Action.

By Kenny Leavett.

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