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After Saturday’s performance I am left scratching my head on how to answer the question being presented to me, who can beat Spence Jr? I mean what he did on Saturday night regardless of the fact that he was the bigger man was incredibly impressive, proving that size does matter as he nullified the usually resourceful Mikey Garcia to the point where it became a hard watch for those of us/you who support the Oxnard native.

Garcia we all know can be a notoriously slow starter but that is where on this occasion he still had a glint in his eye of an upset that would soon diminish as the fight wore on. He tried in vain to push Spence back, try to move inside the long leavers of the American but each time was met with resistance.

The fight, in reality, was so one-sided that Mikey took victory in making it to the final bell of a bout that at times looked unlikely to happen, even his brother Robert asked the question after the close of a couple of the later rounds, his father pleaded that it end as both stood in readiness or hopefulness to throw in the white towel of surrender, but Mikey is made of sterner stuff, arguing the case that albeit being outboxed was not hurt on any occasion apart from a shot to the body early on.

I was one of those that was baited into the fantasy of a Garcia upset, which I am sure a few more knowledgeable than myself were also, but after watching the bout, I have to say I now look incredibly gullible, left to question why Garcia sought out the contest in the first place?

His reasoning was that he apparently saw something in Spence’s previous encounters to give him confidence of the upset, but whatever he witnessed had since been eradicated, Spence took control from the outset, using his jab mixed with his famed hooks to the body to sap the energy from the legs of Garcia on route to an overwhelming victory on the judges scorecards.

Whats Next?

So as is the case whenever a contest is so incredibly one-sided, we are left to ponder the futures of both men and their next step.

In Mikey’s case I would hope that he returns to a more natural fighting weight maybe at 135 or 140, seeing no benefit from overstaying his welcome or lack thereof, weight classes are there to be respected, which Garcia has been able to deny four times but in this instance it cannot be undersold where it seems this step is one too many for even a talented fighter like Garcia.

Whatever the next move, I for one hope there will be one, I would personally like to see Mikey take some time to shed some of the excesses without rushing to debilitate himself in the process, maybe taking a lesser dangerous fight to gauge what the onslaught of Spence took out of him, if anything.

The super fight with Vasyl Lomachenko, still lingers nicely in the background with Bob Arum an interested party to tie up such a fight, whilst knowing that Garcia has only had two fights at Super Lightweight, he may decide to re-enter its ranks with a few interesting possibilities available to him, such as Maurice Hooker, Regis Prograis or perhaps even Britain’s Josh Taylor all potential suitors.

Garcia, we have come to the conclusion was unable to find a solution for Spence but it appears Manny Pacquiao may be eager to take the test next as both he and Spence came face to face in agreement that a fight with the other should be the next course of action.

Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter and the one that interests me the most of Terence Crawford all wait in the wings for a shot at ‘The Truth’ who now looks to be the hot ticket commodity in the talent-rich Welterweight division.

I ask you guys the same question I’m left to ask Myself, How do any of these fighters beat Spence? Over to you.

Until next week, Thank you for reading #MyTake

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.

2 comments on “MY TAKE | THE TRUTH HURTS

  1. Steve Wohlford

    spence is an impressive fighter. take the fight to him i would think. you’re right many boxing fans are hoping to see him and “bud”crawford square off soon hopefully this year.

  2. Thank you so much for reading my latest Steve, Fingers crossed we get to see Spence Vs. Bud sooner rather than later

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