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GOOD – It was great to see Gervonta Davis back in the ring on Saturday night, reminding us of his obvious talent in quick manner which lasted just one round.

Hugo Ruiz stepped in at short notice but was unable to match the power, speed or intensity of the newest jewel in the Money Team crown, you wouldn’t expect him to either knowing as we do that he is a career Bantamweight, not to mention one who had been stopped four times in the five losses on his record.

It’s clear that the Baltimore fighter is talented, that was never up for debate but its time that we see him in more competitive fights going forward, perhaps Tevin Farmer or Teofimo Lopez or perhaps he will finally find his heart for battle in testing himself against Vasyl Lomachenko, although I for one wont be holding my breath just yet.

Incredibly Andrew Cancio was a 15-1 underdog going into his fight with WBA super featherweight champion Alberto Machado on Saturday night, the script was written for him to provide a tough nights work for the champion, nothing more, nothing less but it seems Cancio didn’t get the memo, instead he ripped up the aforementioned script.

Everything was going to plan, Machado was living up to his moniker of
“El Explosivo” by dropping the challenger in the first with a solid looking hook to the body that would have ended the night of a lesser man, but not Cancio as he rose with menace.

Since losing to Joseph Diaz in 2016 Cancio took some time out before stringing together two wins in 2018 against modest opposition, nothing that would scream out his potential of dethroning the WBA king.

But in a BIG upset, Cancio returned to his feet before putting Machado back on his heels then finally he put him on his back to claim the title at Fantasy Springs.

Before moving on to the next section, it would be right not to mention a great affair in which Former WBO lightweight champion Ray Beltran (36-8-1, 22 KOs) overcame a rocky moment in the second round to stop the previously unbeaten Hiroki Okada (19-1, 13 KOs) in the ninth.

Beltran had already dropped the Japanese fighter in the second drawing first blood before Okada found an opportune moment to temporarily have the former champion reeling, it was brisk and the moment passed quick enough as Beltran gainied control before dropping Okada another twice in the ninth to end proceedings.

BAD – I was genuinely dejected when I heard that Abner Mares had pulled out of his scheduled contest with Gervonta Davis, I briefly believed that this would represent Gervonta’s first genuine challenge, I can hear the argument of Jose Pedraza, but lets be honest he was terrible on the night, a totally different version than the one who later faced Lomachenko or perhaps it was just a case of styles make fights.

On the Subject of Lomachenko I found it funny how Mayweather tried to flip the questioning so it didn’t look like Davis was ducking the fight with the Pound 4 Pound king, calling the Ukrainian ‘Old’ and stating that Davis could make the same money facing lesser opposition, neither of which answered the question being asked, instead speaking volumes of a fighter/promoter ducking a challenge.

UGLY – I posted the above picture on our TopClassBoxing Instagram page, showing Floyd Mayweather Jr in his red riding boots, this may have been acceptable might he have been in the company of jockeys but accompanying Gervonta Davis in a title fight? I think not, sure Money can buy you a lot but it seems in this case, not fashion sense.

This wraps up this weeks review, let me know which additions I may have left out by tweeting me @TOPCLASSBOXING or commenting below.


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