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Good – There is life in the old dog yet, Manny Pacquiao put on a performance on Saturday night which dare I say, showed glimpses of his old self, looking fresh in his decision win over Adrien Broner, the bounce still evidently in his step and the pop still in his punches.

His place in the talent-rich division is still one of uncertainty, scepticism on whether he still has enough beat the likes of Thurman, Garcia, Spence Jr or Crawford but judging just on his previous two fights, it does enter the realm of possibility.

No Lasting Damage

Pacquiao’s fears that he may have suffered a detached retina were quashed by International matchmaker Sean Gibbons following ‘Pacman’s’ win, lashing out at lazy reporting by saying “Stupid F**king reporters writing [expletive] !! The Senator had a scratch on the eye!!

Pacquiao’s injury to his eye apparently occurred due to loose tape from Broner’s glove which scratched the cornea of Manny’s eye leaving him in some discomfort afterwards.

A sigh of relief knowing as we do that a detached retina can usually halt a fighters career.


Rau’shee Warren was unable to avenge his 2012 Olympic loss to Frenchman Nordine Oubaali who was able to pull away on the judge’s scorecards in the championship rounds to claim victory.

The win ended an 11-year wait for French boxing in regards to having a world champion born in the country with Oubaali capturing the WBO Bantamweight crown in a great contest.


I can’t believe the lack of press surrounding the amazing feat of Amanda Serrano who became a 7 weight world champion on Friday night, doing so in just 35 seconds against Eva Voraberger at Madison Square Garden.

The victory added the WBO Super Flyweight title to her ever-expanding trophy cabinet whilst focus turned immediately to the next challenge which seems to come in the form of Irish sensation Katie Taylor who holds a title which was once around the waist of Serrano.

Serrano finds herself one divisional title away from replicating the eight achieved by the great Manny Pacquiao.


Shakur Stevenson continued to impress in his education in the professional ranks, putting away the challenge of Jessie Cris Rosales in the fourth round, looking every bit the exciting talent we witnessed in his claiming of a silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics.

Blessed with speed, timing and slick movement, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the kid from Newark will be appearing in main events in the not too distant future.

Bad – No one likes a sore loser, but that is the role Adrien Broner decided to take on with his quizzical belief he had somehow done enough to claim victory, even though for round after round he only threw a handful of punches.

I don’t know if he was trying to convince us or himself but either way it came across as unsportsmanlike conduct, even on occasion threatening the media who choose to debate him on the subject.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael and Showtime’s Jim Grey, in particular, taking the brunt of Broner’s rants as he once more sunk to new depths in his derogatory replies to genuine questioning.

His comments that he won it for the ‘hood’ fell on deaf ears also with the outcome being an avalanche of meme’s that found their way to social media outlets.

Adrien Broner is most definitely the gift that keeps giving to meme makers

P.S. Can Someone please explain to me what ‘Gang Gang’ is?


Manny’s win did have its downside with the fallout being the possibility of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather II, to some this should be situated in the ‘Good’ category but for me here is the perfect place for it.

We have already seen enough from the first fight to know that the rematch replicates the same result and the same anticlimactic contest. Please Let’s move on.

Ugly – I put a picture on Instagram of Badou Jack’s face covered in blood from a grotesque looking cut, captioning it with ‘You Don’t Play Boxing’ that I feel encapsulates that very statement.

Boxing is not a game where like soccer a bad night could mean a players substitution, a bad night for a fighter could end drastically which luckily apart from a host of stitches wasn’t the case in this instance.

I commend Badou for the part he played, showing bravery beyond the call of duty on Saturday night, however there is a part of me that questions the reasoning behind allowing the fight to continue for its duration knowing as we do that Jack was way behind on the scorecards, bleeding profusely into his eyes without the remote possibility of turning things around, that in mind I ask was it really worth risking the health of the fighter? A question that should be directed at the referee Tony Weekes, Jack’s own corner and the ringside physician.

This wraps up this weeks review, let me know which additions I may have left out by tweeting me @TOPCLASSBOXING or commenting below.


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