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We have come to expect a level of performance from Vasyl Lomachenko that is unable to be attained by mere world champions, so when that level isn’t met on the very rare occasion, well its as if the boxing world shifts from its axis, some even taking the drastic measures of jumping from the bandwagon with talk that Gervonta Davis, Mikey Garcia and others now in contemplation of being able to hand the second defeat to the Ukraine’s resume which we will allude to later on.

Lets first talk about the fight, this wasn’t against a journeyman or career contender but a genuine world champion who himself was also looking to unify. It is also fitting to note when putting into context the performance of Lomachenko is that he was coming back from reconstructive surgery so I think in this instance he deserves to be cut a little slack. 

Anyways, the fight itself wasn’t the boxing masterclass expected but on the other hand, you never really got the feeling that he could lose.

Lomachenko with surgeon-like precision would rattle off combinations before his neat footwork was again on show to step away from anything that Pedraza could conjure up. 

The Puerto Rican should also be commended on an impressive display himself, all the talk on Sunday morning surrounded Lomachenko’s inability to find the stoppage but a certain degree of this is down to Pedraza’s showing of an effective defence.

Pedraza would also keep Lomachenko honest with a few shots of his own which was evident on the face of Vasyl after the contest.

Lomachenko sporting some battle scars following Saturday’s bout

One of the many things that constantly impresses me is the built-in clock that Lomachenko possesses, just when you thought that the Puerto Rican could edge a particular round, with seconds ticking away, Lomachenko would land one or two shots which would sway the round in his favour, an attribute that comes with having over four hundred contests under your belt. 

One round which wasn’t debatable was the eleventh, witnessing the sheer brilliance that we have come to expect from ‘Loma’ as he stepped around the guard of Pedraza before rattling off a combination, stepping the other way and replicating the success. Pedraza tried his best to stay on his feet but it must have been like being stung by a thousand bee’s as he fell to the canvas for some much-needed respite. He regained his feet before the count of ten but again was met with hard shots, this time to the body which brought a cut-throat gesture to the crowd from Lomachenko, he perhaps thinking like us that Pedraza was cooked. 

Somehow he again found reason to stay the course as a smile found his face on completion of the contest, a smile that indicated that he had found victory in his defeat, knowing he had lasted the course of the twelve round contest with a truly special athlete. 

Then came the outpouring of stupidity…….


It can sometimes become frustrating if you allow it to, almost laughable to see the rationale of some fight fans, I won’t show unprofessionalism to name or shame the individuals but can only believe that they base their opinion on bias.

Waking up in a haze on Sunday morning I read more than a few crazy posts while scrolling through Social media, Gervonta Davis’ name popping up from time to time just due to the fact that he stopped Pedraza so now it is thought he would do the same to Lomachenko.

To argue this which I didn’t by the way as I was way too tired, I would reply that when offered the chance to face Lomachenko, wasn’t it Davis that pleaded with Floyd Mayweather to refuse the deal? Going to his big brother who came up with excuse after excuse in order to save face, like a kid trying to stave off a beating from a high school bully.

Then, of course, the other name to come to the forefront is Mikey Garcia with the thought process being that he would be too big for Lomachenko based solely on this performance.

Playing Devils Advocate, before I get lambasted with replies that I favour a fighter above another, I am a big fan of Garcia’s but isnt it he who is willing to test the waters at 147 against Errol Spence Jr than to stay and tangle with Loma at 135? this thinking is that it could be a slightly less difficult task.


I don’t take much from this contest other than Lomachenko had a bad day at the office but still looked better than most fighters at the height of their powers, I mean in the eleventh I was in awe at the way he continuously found the target with an assortment of shots which bounced the head back of Pedraza as if he was one of those bobble head toys.

I put Vasyl on a pedestal because in this writers opinion he is the best fighter I have seen since a Prime Roy Jones Jr and even though many talk as doom and gloom as if he had lost on the weekend, he didn’t, in fact he unified two of the divisions titles and nothing as wavered my thinking that he along with Terence Crawford are the best Pound 4 Pound fighters in the world today which wraps up this weeks #MyTake. 

Do you believe that Lomachenko was exposed this past weekend? Are you of the thinking that Davis or Garcia would present Loma with issues – Let me know your thoughts by Tweeting me @TOPCLASSBOXING and as always Thank you for reading this weeks #MyTake article. 

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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