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It takes courage to step away from a successful kickboxing career, but that was what Stevie Pitt did when she decided to step into the Amateur boxing world after fourteen years kickboxing, in which she became a World Champion at four days notice and won numerous titles. When the call came to switch to Wayne Elcocks Boxing Academy two years ago, Stevie decided it was the right time to change codes.

Stevie, 25 years old, from Marston Green, Birmingham, had been kickboxing from the age of nine and most people who are successful in one code would not have had the courage to change codes and enter into a totally different style of boxing, but after struggling to get matched for fights and harbouring a dream of boxing at the Olympics, Stevie switched under the tutelage of former champion Wayne Elcock.

After becoming an Amateur Boxer in 2016, Stevie’s rise has been meteoric, boxing at 51 kgs, she has had 9 fights, winning 5, losing what many felt was a contentious decision in the Elite Amateur final to Tori Willets,the final was essentially a trial for the GB Squad as the winner Tori Willetts was chosen for GB Selection. Stevie’s potential obviously shone through as she has now been on the England Squad since June 2018 and is eager to put the defeat right as she progresses in the Amateur Ranks.

With a few of Wayne Elcock’s senior boxers turning professional in the new year, Stevie surely would have many suitors, but it is a testament to Stevie’s character and personality that she feels she has unfinished business in the Amateur Code and harbours a dream of wearing the Great Britain vest.

With her unparalleled work ethic and unquestionable ability, few would bet against her.


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