Fight Report


Thompson Boxing Promotions gave us their last event of the year, Locked N’ Loaded, which took place at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. In the main event, we saw Michael Dutchover (12-0, 9 KOs) going up against Ruben Tamayo (27-12-4, 18 KOs) in a super featherweight bout that was scheduled to go eight rounds.

It was a very uneventful first round with neither man opening up at all. The second was surprisingly more of the same. There were some good punches landed, but not often or really powerful enough at this point. All that changed in the third when Tamayo was dropped by a right hand from Dutchover. Shortly after that Ruben went down again, (but it didn’t appear that he was even hit), and referee Lou Moret stopped the action at 2:13 of the third round.  

And a comment on Moret – this was the last time Lou would act as a referee. After refereeing countless bouts, Moret was given a commemorative medallion by Thompson Boxing’s Ken Thompson to thank him for all his years of work within the squared circle.

In the co-main event, a super lightweight fight that was scheduled for six rounds, Pedro Moreno (10-0, 6 KOs) faced off against Erik Aguirre (6-10-1, 4 KOs).

Moreno was strong in the opening round, taking his time and measuring his shots. In the second Pedro’sleft hand was really working, punishing Erik to both the head and body. Referee Zachary Young saw enough and the fight was waved off at 1:13 of that second round.

Next, we saw a scheduled four round contest in the junior middleweight division between Richard Brewart Jr. (3-0, 1 KO) going up against Antonio Louis Hernandez (1-6). Brewart definitely showed that he was the better skilled fighter in the first, but Hernandez was able to hand a couple of shots along the way. Richard also dominated the second round with strong body and headshots.

A bit of a back and forth third round, with Brewart still leading the way. Hernandez tried to fight back again in the fourth and final, but Richard was just too good. We went to the scorecards. One judge saw it 39-37 while the other two had scores of 40-36, all for Brewart.

Super welterweights were next as Leo Ruiz (3-0, 1 KO) took on Nam Phan (3-8-1, 2 KOs) in a fight that was scheduled for four rounds. There was action in the first round, but no real damage was done by either fighter. They both began to land their punches in the second, with Ruiz getting in a few hard shots.

Leo showed power in both hands in the third, and did some good body work with both hands as well. If there was any doubt that Ruiz was in control of the fight, the fourth proved it. While he did not take Phan out, he pressured and hit him the entire three minutes. Still, we went to the scorecards. One judge had it 40-35, while the other two saw it 40-36, all for Ruiz.

Mario Hernandez (8-0-1, 3 KOs) battled wits with Luis Montellano (0-4-2) in a fight scheduled to go six rounds in the super bantamweight division. The opening round was an exciting one as both men were aggressive and landed punches. The second was a wild one. Montellano liked to smother Hernandez and push him around, but Mario did his best not to let that happen. It was lucky for Luis that the bell came when it did, as it appeared that Hernandez was on his way to a knockout.

Hernandez battered Montellano from rope to rope in the third, but was unable to get him out of there, making it look as if his punches had nothing behind them. Montellano came back a bit in the fourth and Mario was acting as if he had punched himself out in the previous round.

Montellano landed quite a bit of heavy leather on Hernandez in the fifth. The sixth and final went back and forth, and we went to the scorecards. All three judges were in agreement, 59-55, all for Hernandez.

Opening up our evening we saw Arnold Dinong (3-0, 1 KO) facing off against Alex Solorio (4-5, 1 KO) in a super featherweight bout that was scheduled to go four rounds. in the first roundDinong showed off his hand speed. He could land punches three to one on Solorio. In the second, Arnold also showed us that he could jump in, land a punch, and get out before Alex was able to land anything of his own.

It was still all Dinong in the third. He was back to landing his combinations effectively. The fourth and final was by far the best round for Solorio. Arnold was still landing, but Alex really tried to come out fighting. We went to the scorecards, and all of the judges saw the fight the same, 40-36, all for Dinong.

So we brought down the curtain on another season of Thompson Boxing Promotions. It has been a pleasure to cover these fight cards all year and we look forward to 2019!

Photos Courtesy of Andrea Kaus


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