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Growing up our parents bent the truth about the existence of Monsters, this past weekend proved it to be all a lie.

Monsters do in fact exist, okay I don’t mean the ones with the extra limbs or gruesome teeth we see in comic books or the latest DC movie, however, they do inflict pain and a few reoccurring nightmares afterwards.


It was the performance of Naoya Inoue in his knockout of Juan Carlos Payano that would have sent chills to the divisions elite, administered by a lethal one-two combination around the seventy-second mark that left Payano on his back without suggestion that he could make it back to his feet at the count of ten. The knockout was potent enough to send ripples throughout Twitter with some believing he may be a lab experiment for a future Japanese domination.

All joking aside it was another in a catalogue of destruction that Inoue continues to leave in his wake, this time to a former World champion none the less with the feeling I don’t get often but left asking on this occasion, is this guy unbeatable? I believe it so.


Monsters come in different shapes and sizes, whereas Inoue is wrecking havoc in the lower weight classes, higher up will find a fighter with power as deadly as one of his countries nuclear missiles.

The man I am referring to is, of course, Artur Beterbiev who showed the reasoning behind him being an avoided force within the light heavyweight division, although it wasn’t without first seeing a ray of hope for future opponents along the way.

Fighting in his father’s memory, a powerful catalyst for an upset, Callum Johnson who unlike others refused to go into the night with a whimper, deciding instead to stand his ground, fighting fire with fire which for many of us watching was a suicide mission.

Beterbiev who had already scored a knockdown was now looking to end the fight, like a shark tasting blood in the water he attacked looking to close out the bout early but in so doing he left the smallest of gaps whilst protecting his chin with his left hand, a gap that was big enough for a well placed right hand from Johnson that incredibly dropped Beterbiev in the second, my mouth agape it was the first time we had seen any resemblance of weakness from the IBF champion and this is from a writer who followed his amateur career closely also.

He got back to his feet after a slight stumble which was unfortunate for Johnson whilst the latter can also be guilty of letting him off the hook whilst he was shaken, maybe it was caution that stopped him from going for a finish, possibly not wanting to get caught with a flailing right hand but it’s one that will be reflected upon with sorrow as you don’t get many opportunities against this level of opposition if any, this one went begging, a couple of rounds later coming back to haunt him in the fourth.

In a test of power, the stakes were heavily piled in favour of Beterbiev who thrives in a punch out, unloading a heavy right hook to the temple of Johnson that signalled the end to any dreams of dethroning the division’s king.

It was a sombre moment for Johnson who was unable at this time to win the title for his deceased father, but it was one hell of an effort that will no doubt have made his father proud, Callum showed he belongs at this level and will give us great fights for the future to come.

The knockdown may have helped the cause of Beterbiev in getting a unification fight, it will have given hope to the division’s other champions, in the past they may have been more reluctant to come to the table but this will have lessened that train of thought. We can but hope.

This weekend past we got to witness the Beasts, this coming weekend we get to see the beauty of boxing’s Pound 4 Pound king Terence Crawford who will look to stave off the challenge of the unbeaten challenger Jose Benavidez Jr.

Oh before I go, I know people are going to ask, Yes Sulley is Beterbiev and Mike is Inoue in the depiction of the main picture lol

Until next week, Thank you for reading #MyTake

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.

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  1. kennyleavettboxing365

    LOOL , love this paul

  2. Thank you mate, appreciate you taking the time to give it a read

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