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Anthony Joshua came through his night with Alexander Povetkin with fans clambering to hand out plaudits to boxing’s most lucrative ticket seller for another explosive stoppage win. I was also one of those people but it wasn’t without it’s frailties.

For a few rounds Joshua looked vulnerable, Povetkin’s feints would open avenues for him to throw hurtful looking hooks which rocked the divisions ruler, not that you will hear him say so. There were moments that would certainly have enticed his future opposition.

But, there were also danger signs for the likes of Wilder and co, Joshua continues to improve with every visit to the squared circle, he didn’t have a vast amateur background to fall back on so he is a fighter that continues to learn and sharpen his already solid skill set.

From the fourth round on, it was impressive to see him change tact, pivoting off the back foot, instead of going back in straight lines, it took away the power of Povetkin which meant he could start to dish out some payback in the shape of in particular a hard right hand.

The vulnerability was shared by the Russian, the first big shot wobbled the legs with the follow up in the seventh, a shot which dropped him through the ropes.

Povetkin’s trainer strained at the leash to try summon his man to his feet but it was to be all too brief as Povetkin was dropped for the second time which became the point of no return, the referee saving the Russian from himself.

What went on before was forgotten, the hairy moments which brought gasps from the desperate Joshua support was replaced by cheers as the big man brought Wembley once more to its feet.

His status as Boxing’s biggest attraction is unequivocal, with Eddie Hearn in tow, licking his lips at the very possibility of the super fights to come.


I was high on Lawrence Okolie since his birth in the paid ranks so was excited at the prospect of seeing him face Matty Askin for the British title, it could have turned potentially into a baptism of fire.

I was especially excited to see how Okolie would deal with the power of Askin knowing from first hand experience the damage he could do as I sat ringside for his annihilation of Cardiff’s Craig Kennedy, My expectation for a good competitive fight was high, so you can imagine my surprise when the fight stank the place out with both parties guilty, more so on Okolie part.

I have no problem with a fighter winning ugly but this was damn near a snoozer as the Joshua managed Okolie tied up Askin at every juncture of the bout, whilst other times he mimicked a ratting ram as he head butted his way through the contest which brought three point deductions from the overworked referee.

Unanimously he took each of the scorecards but this was far from the man that was promising to set the world alight with his talent.

A rematch was pleaded for afterwards from Askin for what he claimed was an injustice with opinion that Okolie should have been disqualified, that maybe so but the question to ask is, why on earth would we want to watch that again?


Luke Campbell looked a completely different fighter from the one that was upset by the visiting Yvan Mendy in 2015, this time he took his chance at revenge, a chance taken literally with both hands.

Boxing beautifully from start to finish there was no upset on this occasion as the former Olympian had an answer to everything that the Frenchman asked, I did find it funny that Mendy at the sound of the final bell was bouncing around as if he had won the contest, wishful thinking or perhaps he thought the fight was being scored by Adelaide Byrd, there was no upset this time as rightfully Campbell moved into pole position for a shot at the WBC Lightweight title.


The future of One of Britain’s favourite fighters hang in the balance after four rounds, David Price took the fourth loss in his last seven fights, this one against Sergey Kuzmin.

Price pulled out of the contest after injuring his bicep but even more startling was his confession afterwards that he entered the fight with the injury which got progressively worse as the fight went on.

It was another disappointment from a fighter who the boxing community are pleading to retire for the sake of his health, there was an upside, he wasn’t knocked out this time, what it is they say? Every cloud as a silver lining.

I expect to see Price back with seemingly unmoved in his disillusionment that he still as enough to win a world title, really David?? Okay which one from Wilder and Joshua do you fancy testing your chin against??

The main event went a long way in making up for a dire undercard but in all it was a tough watch, this could ultimately be the cure for Insomnia.

Until next week, thank you for reading another addition of My Take.

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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