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World boxing great Paulie Malignaggi is keeping busy now he has stepped away from in-ring action to focus on life outside the squared circle.

Malignaggi has taken a Directorship role in the up and coming Ultimate Boxxer series, which continues on Friday, November 2 at the Indigo at the 02, London with its second instalment coming in the form of Light Heavyweight action.


Malignaggi opened up on Ultimate Boxxer and what people can expect from the exciting promotion.

He said, “Ultimate Boxxer is a really fun and exciting promotion that is accessible for all sports fans.

“Ultimate Boxxer is not just a night of boxing it’s an event and an evening’s entertainment that everybody can enjoy. It’s perfect for young people looking for a great night out.”

The Brooklyn native continued, giving his thoughts on the 3×3 minute tournament format and the future plans of Ultimate Boxxer.

The former 2 weight world champion said, “I think that Ultimate Boxxer needs to be seen as an extension of the amateurs, where it gives young and up and coming fighters the chance to make a name for themselves on a big stage.

“They’re fighting on an exciting show that has stars from music and entertainment supporting them on a massive television platform. This has the potential to expand quickly.”

Malignaggi has stayed away from the squared circle since his contest with Sam Eggington. It’s well known that Malignaggi shared a ring in sparring with Connor McGregor. Malignaggi set the record straight in his own flamboyant way.

He said, “Anybody who knows boxing knows he never knocked me down. You can’t knock someone down from a check hook with one foot off the floor. Anybody who knows boxing knows that.

“He’s an accurate puncher for MMA but he’s not a concussive puncher. I got up off the couch and managed to go 12 rounds with him. To do that you have to control the pace which I did with ease. 

“For him to include that well-edited clip in his life story documentary shows me he’s still very insecure about what went on. He should have retired after Mayweather as I believe that Khabib will make him quit.

“He’s not as good as what people think he is.”

Malignaggi is still very much in the boxing eye, being arguably one of the best pundits in the world currently. He opened up on his life now and plans for the future.

Malignaggi stated, “I’m enjoying life right now I’m spending a lot of time in Italy which I love and working as an analyst for Showtime.

I have helped fighters in camps but I feel my commitments with Showtime, Sky and Ultimate Boxxer going forward will inevitably be priorities in my professional life.

“I’m very excited about the future of Ultimate Boxxer which I feel is something that will take off worldwide. The next show will include big hitting Light Heavyweight’s on November 2 and I really can’t wait for this event.”


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