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Amir Khan was again under scrutiny from fight fans for an under par performance in his decision win over Samuel Vargas this past weekend, leading to the opinion that his best days are far behind him.

It was a performance which wouldn’t have deterred any potential opposition, looking like a fighter ripe for the taking as he was again dropped to the canvas by a fighter in Samuel Vargas who had previously been stopped by the divisions elite in Danny Garcia and Errol Spence Jr.

He did, however, rise to his feet, win the fight widely and score two knockdowns en route but somehow his detractors would rather look at the negative rather than the positives which are in abundance.

The fact of the matter is that Khan with a solid chin would represent a fighter in possession of the cheat codes, something which I’ve often referred to Vasyl Lomachenko doing, he’s quick both in terms of hand speed and footwork, holds decent pop on his punches and as the ability to change up his position when the time suits.

** sighs ** If only he had a chin…….

I suppose on the flip side, his weakness around the whiskers is what makes him such a compelling watch, He can be cruising, looking a Million dollars and bang the lights go out and its time for an early shower.

Case in point, his fight with Canelo, he looked superb as he outboxed the Mexican before the inevitable, a crunching shot lands and down he goes faster than a giraffe on rollerskates. Same happened versus Danny Garcia, The Phili fighter must have thought he was being stung by a hive of bee’s for the most part until he timed a lovely hook which turned out the lights on another Khan display, two examples of which there are a few more to choose from.

I really do feel for Amir because he is and always has been the target of criticism which is for the most part unmerited, what you can get from Khan has always been an edge of the seat encounter and a fighter who is willing to face anybody which is reflected on his record, what he lacks in his resistance to a shot is certainly made up with heart by the bucketload.

Regardless of whether you’ve already written him off in his next fight, I suspect you’ll be watching like the rest of us in anticipation of another great spectacle but who will stand in the opposing corner?

Well, here are the front-runners.

Kell Brook

It won’t come as a surprise to see this name pop up with an ongoing back and forth verbal tussle that is taking shape of two bickering teenagers, it was interesting at first but now is tiresome, its now or never, put up or shut up.

Brook has said that he will shed weight to get the fight over the line and even conceded that Khan is the ‘A- side’ of the negotiating table.

This is one of two fights available to the Bolton fighter that could fill a stadium, bringing in a lot of financial rewards through PPV and gate receipts, which is what Khan himself has stated as his main priority going forward.

“As a fighter, I’m a businessman too so I will go with whatever is the best fight financially. Both fights (Brook and Pacquiao) are tough, both fights are the same and they are not going to be easy.

Manny Pacquiao

“My message to Pacquiao is not to price himself out. Manny needs to know that I have got other options. I have Kell Brook there as well”

That was the message that came shortly after his win on the weekend letting us in on one of the worst-kept secrets of his dreams of facing his one-time stablemate.

A date in the diary of December has already been pencilled in for the Principality stadium in Cardiff, Wales which could be another intriguing pull for one of this decades best as he winds down his farewell tour.

These are two of the main routes available to Khan who is looking for a lucrative matchup more so than one which will add to his belt collection.

I don’t foresee him selecting boxing’s boogeyman Errol Spence Jr or boxing’s Pound 4 Pound king Terence Crawford who is by far the two most dangerous propositions available or even Keith Thurman for that matter who again presents too much risk without the reward he would want in return.

Shawn Porter it wouldn’t be unfair of me to say is the less dangerous from the other belt holders in the Welterweight division, he holds the WBC title which adds to the attraction of the matchup but is less likely to happen than that of Pacquiao or Brook.

Whatever the selection process, you can guarantee that it will be exciting for as long as the fight lasts with a knockdown or two almost a certainty.

Let me know your preference from a fight fans point of view by tweeting me @TOPCLASSBOXING or commenting on the post you see this article appears. 

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