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By Dennis Dodge – It’s not been a particularly quiet month in the world of professional boxing but for me it has been, I’ve started a new job, looking at starting coaching again at a new club down South so haven’t really kept up with what’s going alas it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have something to whinge about so here we go.

Pacquiao apparently rolled back the years to KO Lucas Matthyse and as per usual people have gone nuts that Pac is back etc. He’s not really though is he, something of a shell I think he may be in danger of becoming a name on a record for the future superstars and with those loving to gloat over his downfall could cost him a lot in his reputation. Hang them up now and concentrate on yourself, you’ve given the world of boxing plenty of entertainment and shown yourself to be the boxer for our generation. Go enjoy yourself, train new stars and concentrate on your political career.

Off-seasons come to the amateur game so it’s all quiet there, after watching my lad battle his way through 3 hard bouts I am desperate to see him back at it but the rest will do him good and (hopefully) he’ll use the time to tighten up in places where he may be lacking.

My daughters getting ready for her first skills/Tech Spar but fickle is the way of life and she changes her mind dependant on the hour. It drives me bonkers as I truly believe she’s a great talent but can’t push or she’ll never do it.

Tyson Fury’s next opponent has been announced and I’m losing interest rapidly, we know he’s rusty, we know he’s been out of the ring for a while but stop feeding us mismatches as if we should get excited. It still looks like we’re miles away from him getting back near the top and as he is a marmite kind of guy I fear the danger could be the public losing all interest. Same goes for a bunch of pros currently plying their trade by only fighting mismatches, knock it off. It doesn’t make me want to go and watch you and if I watched it the first time I’m definitely not shelling out again, and for us can we stop declaring everybody overrated the minute they lose, still far too much emphasis on the 0 for my liking and I want to see bouts where both want to win.

A couple of shows were stopped over the last month (mostly local) because of the actions of a few idiots in the crowd. Much like the plums that decided to wreck stuff during the world cup, what is the actual point? Your driving people (especially families) away from the sport and hitting the lads in their pockets as people will have second thoughts next time. If you want to fight, get down your local gym and get signed up, you might as well get paid for it.

Not as angry as normal since my move but still a couple of little things that are bugging me. Oh wait the one thing that pisses me off above all else is that I am absolutely useless at timing my articles, you’ll get nothing for a month and then 3 in a week, sheesh maybe I can sort that out eventually.

Till next time and remember to have fun

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.

1 comment on “MONTHLY MOANER | JULY

  1. S M Wilson

    Agree on all points, except maybe Fury, I feel guys rush these days when they just come back, or on the way up, everyone wants to see the big fights straight away, and sure I want to see the best take on the best as well, But thats how mma books the cards and anytime they come close to making a superstar they put them in to early or with a certain style they cant beat and they are never the same, some can use it as a learning opportunity to overcome that shortfall, but I feel for most it can realy dishearten them even battle tested guys like Fury, some need the confidence building fights, to take them where they need to be or back on top like Fury was again. I think of Chunky and Groves both fought in the ams together but then when starting to make small waves in the pro game they match them up after what 10 and 11 fights. I still think DeGale won that bout. But imagine what kind of grudge match it could have been if we let that one intensify for a while and build the anticipation and animosity up, we might well could have had our modern day version of the great Uk middleweight battles of the 90’s. Fantastic short read and I hope your lad keeps doing well and your daughter succeeds in whatever she chooses to do

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