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Aged 30 from Ukraine, Vasyl ‘Hi-Tech’ Lomachenko is the sort of boxer that comes around once in a lifetime. With mind-numbing skill and the desire to face the very best, Lomachenko has become a three weight world champion in just 12 professional fights.

Yes, you did read that correctly, Lomachenko is a three weight world champion inside 12 fights. That is quite simply breathtaking. The superlatives continue when you combine such lofty achievements with an amateur record of 396 wins and just 1 loss.

Lomachenko won two Olympic Gold Medals, two World Championships and a European Championship as an amateur. When you truly think about it, it is hard to argue against him already being an all-time great of the sport.

He has dominated pretty much everything he has been involved in and done so with such class that it leaves us, mere mortals, wondering how it is even possible.

To further increase his reputation when you look at his professional record it isn’t as if he has been able to win titles against weak opposition. He has defeated a host of world-class fighters such as Gary Russell Jr, Roman Martinez, Nicholas Walters, Jason Sosa, Guillermo Rigondeaux and most recently Jorge Linares.

In most of these fights not only has he beaten these men but rendered them completely ineffective from an offensive standpoint. He has frustrated them so much that both Walters and Rigondeaux refused to carry on.

He beats his opponents physically and mentally in a way that is near unheard of at world level.

He has the ability to make his opponents believe that not only they cannot defeat him but that they can’t even have success against him. This is a truly rare ability that has seen him leave boxing fans in awe.

He is fast, evasive, clever and on top of all of that, he is entertaining to watch as he comes forward landing shots from angles others can’t even imagine having success from.

His footwork is remarkable and much of what he claims from the time his father forced him to take away from the sport to focus on ballet and Ukrainian dance. He is so light on his feet that he is able to get in and out of positions like no other in the sport.

A huge mention has to go to Jorge Linares for his performance against Lomachenko. Linares was clever with his work and even floored the sublime Ukrainian before being stopped by a body shot in the tenth round.

Both men produced a thoroughly entertaining display for the fans and a rematch at some point isn’t inconceivable although the same outcome would be expected.

In terms of what’s next for Lomachenko, talks of a fight with the undefeated Mikey Garcia are being mentioned. Garcia is an excellent fighter and a match-up of the two champions would be a massive event.

Garcia is the naturally bigger man and has fantastic timing which could potentially offset Lomachenko’s speed. Garcia currently holds the WBC title and is rumoured with facing IBF champion Robert Easter.

If Garcia was to come through the Easter fight successfully and Lomachenko faces WBO champion Raymundo Beltran and wins a unification fight for all the belts between Lomachenko and Garcia would be absolutely huge.

Whilst fans may want to see Lomachenko and Garcia face off now, it seems more likely that they will face Beltran and Easter respectively and then look to meet.

Perhaps the biggest risk to Lomachenko is if he continues to rise through the weight classes. He is not a big guy and going above lightweight would be a huge gamble. That isn’t to say that he couldn’t pull it off as he has a level of skill that is mind-boggling.

He is a complete one-off who many consider being an all-time-great of the sport. He says he wants to fight the best, does so and then dominates them. In a sport where so many avoid others and deny the fans what they truly want to see he is a breath of fresh air.

There is no doubting that Vasyl Lomachenko is a once in a lifetime fighter who is creating history every time he enters the ring.



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