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By Jonathan Harris – It’s no surprise to boxing fans that the highly anticipated Gennady Golovkin Vs Canelo Alvarez rematch has finally come to terms of agreements and the fight is signed sealed and delivered. After the disappointing result of a draw and the extremely controversial scorecard of the infamous Adelaide Byrd, both fighters knew that the result had to be answered by a second fight and this time around it has to be no questioning of the true winner. In recent interviews since the announcement both Canelo and Gennady has reassured fans that there will most definitely be a fighter kissing the canvas. Canelo the Mexican superstar has said there will be no excuses of judges this time and he is going to knockout Golovkin. The man who will be gazing back at Canelo from the opposite corner on the other hand also has the same visual. Gennady has also predicted that he will, in fact, be the one giving the punishing knockout that the fans are craving to see.

Already this fight has sold itself sheerly through the pure excitement and edge of your seat action that the first fight brought us, but are we really going to see a full 10 count surpass, inside the ropes on May 5th. In the build-up to the last fight, the world was almost positive that the fight was not going the full 12 rounds but did we really anticipate the heart and chin of both men? Or is it simply the fact that the fight didn’t really meet the expectations that the boxing world had in mind?

Fight fans don’t really have to make a close analysis to determine whether the fight was a flop or not, each round was filled with edge of your seat moments with both fighters trading blows ferociously and making each and every one of us contemplate if both fighters can keep taking the shots without one warrior eventually hitting the canvas, when all was said and done and the final bell sounded anger erupted on social media, some branding Canelo a “coward” and people of his home country of Mexico claiming he didn’t stand and fight like a “true mexican”.

True knowledgeable enthusiasts of the sweet science have no delusion though that boxing is a lot more than a take a shot and give a shot sport, avoiding punishment is critical to a healthy and long-lasting career in a sport of such brutality. Even though Canelo gassed in the middle to late rounds he showed that movement is a quality aspect to have when facing such a dangerous puncher like Golovkin.

The fight was still a major success despite both fighters falling short of a win and the decision of a draw being made, but what is the rematch going to bring to the table different from the first battle?

We take into consideration the sort of “element of surprise” has been taken away and now GGG and Canelo both can roughly evaluate what to expect from one another, and take everything that was learned from the first fight and extract the negative points and evolve their training in order to accommodate and neutralise the style of the opposition.

But can we really expect a knockout as promised?

In my opinion yes we could, but if there does happen to be a knockout there will only be one man who has his hand raised, and that will be the grinning khazak that is Gennady Golovkin, of course in the sport of boxing nothing is impossible, but Gennady has shown time and time again that his rugged chin is more than durable to withhold some of the biggest shots the game has to offer, including Canelo and the punch that almost replicated the very shot that put Amir Khan to sleep on his back in the centre of the ring, which Gennady took and kept moving forward.

As boxing fans, we routinely size up fights and envision the route that the fight will take,  this fight is no different. Since the final bell sounded on September the 16th 2017 the second coming of the clash has been craved.

Sadly though I’m afraid there will be no Gatti V Ward type finale witnessed in my humble opinion, I’m under the impression that the excitement of seeing a knockout is a huge promotional advantage to selling a fight, that is exactly the motive for both fighters to get the blood flowing for the fan bases of each man.

Contrary to these statements my personal opinion is that this is a very clever tactic used by Canelo and his team to get Gennady to expect a vicious encounter, engaging into a bloodshed. While the plan is pretty much to resemble the first fight with a better execution and increased stamina, thus giving Canelo like he promised, there will be no doubt left this time around, but by a clear points victory in place of the claim that he will sleep the Middleweight champion Golovkin.

May 5th will hopefully leave no stone unturned, and we get to see the true champion crowned.

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.

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