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Thompson Boxing Promotions gave us New Blood, once again coming from the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. The main event featured two junior welterweights, as Jose Roman (24-2-1, 16 KOs) took on Wilberth Lopez (19-8, 13 KOs) in a bout that was scheduled to go eight rounds.

There was not much damage done in the first two rounds of this main event, but both men were taking measured pot shots at the other. In the early going it was Lopez who was more of the aggressor in the fight. In the third Roman started to find a home for his left hand, but Lopez answered with a big overhand right.

Wilberth was really firing on all cylinders in the fourth. He was able to not only land leather on his opponent, but avoid getting hit most of the time. Roman seemed to only come alive when the 10-second warning sounded. Lopez picked right up where he left off in the next round, stalking Jose and landing. His jab was effective in pushing Roman back. Jose did fight more often in this round, but Wilberth was trying to still keep the pressure on.

The sixth round was active for both, but each man was hard to hit, due mainly to their awkward styles of fighting. Roman did more work this round than he had in most of the prior ones. In the seventh, they both threw and connected with some good punches. We moved into the eighth and final round.

Back and forth action in the last round that saw each man doing their job. The best punch of the night came with about 20 seconds left, when Roman landed a very hard left hand on Lopez. Still, we had to go to the scorecards. The judges had it 79-73, 78-74, and 80-72, giving the unanimous decision to Lopez.

ruben villa.jpg

In a super featherweight fight that was scheduled to go six rounds, Ruben Villa IV (8-0, 4 KOs) faced off against Ernesto Guerrero (26-20, 18 KOs). There were very few punches thrown and even fewer that landed in the first round of this fight. I’m not sure what they were waiting for, since it was only a six round fight.

There were not a lot of solid punches that found their target in the second, either. Finally in the third, Villa decided he was tired of waiting and began to take it to Guerrero. He did not always land, but was at least letting his hands go and provided some action. They both jumped into the fray in the fourth, and while there was no damage done, we finally had a fight.

It took until the fifth round, but Guerrero finally thought it was time for him to fight also, and now some punches were being thrown and landing. This round was the most engaged these two men had been all night. The sixth was the same, and it’s a shame that all six rounds were not like the last two. We went to the scorecards for the results. All three saw the fight the same, 60-54, all for Villa.


Juan Ruiz (20-0, 12 KOs) took on Erick Martinez (13-9-1, 7 KOs) in a battle of two super welterweights. This fight was for a scheduled eight rounds. Both men started out the fight showing some good body work, then began headhunting a bit more.

In the second and third rounds Ruiz was controlling the action more and more. He was the bigger man and found it easy to push Martinez around. He was still landing body punches, and using four and five shot combinations successfully as well. This continued into the fourth. The measured punches Juan was throwing might not make for a very exciting fight, but he was certainly in control.

The fifth gave us more of the same, with Ruiz landing at will on his opponent. Martinez tried to rally in the sixth but he did not get very far. Still Juan all the way. The seventh round saw Ruiz going back to his combinations again. In the eighth and final Martinez came out throwing but his efforts were once again shut down by Juan.

As easily as Ruiz was finding his target throughout the entire fight it seemed surprising that he was not able to knock Erick out. Instead we went to the scorecards. All three of the judges saw the fight the same, and it was not shocking – 80-72 for Ruiz. He remained undefeated in a dominating performance.


Lightweights took to the ring in a scheduled four-rounder as Michael Dutchover (6-0, 4 KOs) stood across the ring from Carlos Flores (4-6-1, 3 KOs). The first round was a good back and forth one with each fighter landing punches. Unfortunately for Flores, right before the bell, Dutchover landed a couple of good shots that dropped Carlos. As soon as he got up the bell sounded to end the first round.

Dutchover landed a lot of very hard right hands in the second, both to the head and body of Flores. But his tough opponent refused to go down again, albeit taking a lot of punishment. Carlos came out swinging in the third and landed some good body punches of his own. He was really on the attack in this one.

The snap and accuracy of both fighters’ punches was off a little bit in the fourth and final, but that was not a huge surprise, since they had gone non-stop for the first three hard rounds. We went to the scorecards. All three judges saw the fight the same, 40-35, all for the still-undefeated Dutchover.

To open up the evening we saw Ruben Torres (2-0, 2 KO) face off against Ernest Knight (0-2). This fight was for a scheduled four rounds in the lightweight division. A left / right combination dropped Knight in the opening round. A couple of seconds later another hard shot by Torres put Ernest down and out.  The final time was 2:01 of that initial round.

danny, etal.jpg

Before the main event the NEW WBA world super bantamweight champion Danny “The Baby Faced Assassin” Roman was introduced to the fans in attendance and posed with his new belt. Danny went to Japan to take this from Shun Kubo, and brought the title home to the States. It was a very nice moment for Roman, trainer Eddie Gonzalez, and of course Thompson Boxing Promotions. Danny has been with Thompson since he turned professional, and Eddie has always been his trainer. Expect for this talented and very likeable young man to continue onward and upward.

Action Pics Courtesy of Cynthia Saldana

Danny Roman photo Courtesy of Carlos Baeza

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