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Conor McGregor has just made the most shocking prediction yet after announcing he will knock out Floyd Mayweather inside one round as the pair came face to face with the media at their Grand Arrivals event in Las Vegas.

McGregor, 29, who steps into a boxing ring for the first time professionally this coming Saturday night against the former five-weight world champion at the T-Mobile Arena, in a match-up which will be watched all around the globe.

The UFC lightweight champion previously predicted Mayweather would be stopped inside 4 rounds but now the Irishman has revised that, saying he believes he can win inside three minutes in the opening round.

McGregor has been quoted as saying “I am calm and cold – the same way I am before every contest. I am ready to get in and do the business. I am fit, I am sharp and I am going to be ruthless in there,” “I believe he will be unconscious inside one round.

“It’s just another day for me – another day, another fight. I have already whooped one of the faces of boxing. I am going to whoop another on August 26.”

McGregor received a welcoming applause by the fans in attendance with many Irish tricolour flags visible.

“Over the course of this next week, Las Vegas is Ireland,” McGregor said. “We run Las Vegas so we are going to go and have fun with it.

“The Irish come to support me and you can’t beat the Irish fans so we are here to take over this whole city.”

Mayweather is also predicting a knockout victory and has gone on record to his fans promising they will be alot happier after Saturday’s event than they were after his lackluster victory over Manny Pacquiao, which in the lead up to the fight was dubbed “The Fight Of The Century”.

“I told you guys before that this fight wouldn’t go the distance,” Mayweather said. “If you are going to bet, bet it won’t go.

“The game plan is to be aggressive. I’m pretty sure his game plan is to be aggressive. So let’s go out there and give the fans what they want to see.

“The fans want to see blood, sweat and tears and that is what they are going to see on Saturday night.

“I owe the fans for the Pacquiao fight. I will go out there and give the fans what they want to see.”

Watch Mayweather vs McGregor, from the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, from midnight August 26, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Written By Kenny Leavett


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