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This past weekend witnessed another master class from one of boxing’s best, Vasyl Lomachenko not only beat Miguel Marriaga he at times played with his prey as a cat would with a mouse, making it look effortless in the process.

Marriaga was never going to be a threat to ‘Loma’, a fringe level contender who for the most part gave Oscar Valdez a great fight was treated in such way that it became a comedy sketch, Vasyl in between delivering multiple combinations would wave his man in to have a free shot, tapped him on the head sporadically, basically doing whatever he wanted when he wanted.

The contest was but an appetizer to a December date which should provide a more filling treat for the fight fans.

I would imagine, You like myself after watching such an exhibition would be beginning to wonder if currently, anyone can offer a solution to the man known as ‘Hi-Tec’?

The likeliest applicants range from a unification contest with WBC champion Miguel Berchelt which at this moment in time is probably the most plausible but one in which I feel would end the same way as Marriaga did.

After Belchelt we have Jezreel Corrales but I expect he will want to rematch or should I say feel the need to rematch Robinson Castellanos before looking further afield.

Gervonta Davis certainly excites, with his star continuing to shine brighter with every passing contest, although he is still a work in progress, needing at least a couple more contests which would bring a more lucrative aspect to a future contest with Lomachenko should he decide to stick around.

Thereafter we have the two genuine threats, potentially two who could work out a solution to a fighter as complex as the Ukrainian.

Okay, so most will know the affection I have for WBA 122 Pound King Guillermo Rigondeaux, If the stars align this is the fantasy fight I would want ticking off my wish list.

Both men have shown an eagerness on social media of wanting the fight with meme’s aplenty without anything concrete having come out of the baiting.

The sticking point for any potential contest is the contracted weight, both men have talked about a catchweight but in reality ‘Rigo’ I suspect could only at a push make 126 effectively although even so I very much doubt ‘Loma’ wants the drop in weight with recent talk of moving north.

That leaves the remaining contest of Mikey Garcia which both parties are happy to conclude at 135.

“He got beat by an experienced, rugged fighter [Orlando Salido] and after that, he has improved a lot,” Garcia said. “He has a lot of credibility. But even at that, he’s only doing stuff that I already did three, four years ago.

“He couldn’t beat Salido, who I completely dominated. He wins his second world title, a title I had vacated that ends up going back to Rocky Martinez, the guy who I had previously knocked out. Then Vasyl Lomachenko knocks him out and all of a sudden he’s this greatest star because of victories that I already accomplished? Well, I don’t give him credit for that.”

Lomachenko’s only loss came at the hands of Orlando Salido in 2014, a controversial loss as Salido came in overweight and repeatedly fouled his way to a split decision victory.

“Let’s talk about that. I read that interview when he was talking about that he destroyed Salido,” Lomachenko said, through interpreter and manager Egis Klimas. “I especially looked at that bout and he got lucky because he broke his nose. After the fourth or fifth round, Salido had already gotten to him and was ready to destroy.”

“If we want to talk about Rocky Martinez, let me ask you: Who was on the floor from Rocky Martinez?” Lomachenko said. “Yes, [Garcia] got a lucky punch and knocked him out in the eighth round, which I did in the fifth round. So we can talk about that as much as we can but if he wants to get my attention and he’s going to be staying at the 135, I’m going to come up at 135 too.

“If, right now, people are talking more about me, with me being the foreigner in this country, and not talking about him, that’s not a problem. We can meet in a few fights to find out who is better.”

This article is about how to solve the problem that presents itself in the form of Vasyl Lomachenko to which I don’t have an answer, I doubt anyone does although the possibility of seeing him face Rigondeaux or Garcia lends itself to more heated debate.

Another name on the fantasy listing of Terence Crawford are for the moment a reaching prospect knowing as we do that the Nebraska resident competes at the 140-Pound division, although we can but dream, in doing so in the knowledge that there are plenty of avenues for ‘Loma’ to seek.

Let me know your preferred choice by tweeting me @topclassboxing or commenting on our facebook page. 

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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