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It’s a go; no it’s not; yes it is! That is what Randy Caballero has been dealing with the past few days since a fight between he and Diego De La Hoya was first presented to him. Initially, Randy was told the fight was to air on ESPN, but later communication said the bout would go on the undercard of the Golovkin / Canelo fight. According to Randy, this is the story.

The communication between Golden Boy and Caballero regarding this fight began on July 25th. It started in the morning and continued throughout the day, with both texts and phone calls.

“I was supposed to fight on the 15th, the day before the big fight, and I get a text message from Golden Boy saying that if they make the fight happen, Golden Boy, ESPN, or Pay-Per-View are at risk if I pull out again. I said to them that for my career personally, I can’t risk pulling out again either. I told them that I feel 100%, just make the fight happen, I just want to come back.

“But what confused me was mentioning the PPV. I had been told the 15th for ESPN, nothing about the other fight. So when I read that, I figured I knew who they would put me up against. I told them it didn’t matter who I fought, I was ready for whoever they put in front of me.”

Later that day Randy received a phone call asking him what he thought about being on the Canelo / GGG card. It would be on the televised portion of the PPV, and he would fight Diego. Of course, he was excited about that prospect.

“I told them to make the fight happen. I’ve been out for too long – well, not really out of the ring for too long, but I like to be more active than the usual fighter. And losing the title like I did, I want to come back strong. At this stage of my career, I want a name fighter that will put me back on track for a world title. What better way than Oscar’s relative Diego, and on a big PPV card like this? I jumped at the opportunity.”

That evening however, the tide turned again when the fight was (presumably) turned down on Diego’s side. Randy couldn’t believe it – why turn down a big fight like this? It made no sense to him.

I must mention here that Diego’s side has stated that they wanted the fight all along, and his camp denies that the younger De La Hoya turned it down. But since Randy did not have a contract in front of him to sign, he was unsure.

A website did an interview with Caballero and asked him about the fight. When he told them it would not happen, the story ran, and was also posted on social media.

“It went way beyond what I thought it would. It went crazy! I thought I would have to do a couple of interviews and then the word would get out and the fight might get made, but I had no idea that interview would go crazy like that.”

Well, whether the interviews and social media helped, or it was just a matter of taking the time to iron out all of the details, the fight between super bantamweights Randy and Diego will take place, and it will be on the televised portion of the Canelo / GGG fight.

Caballero On route to winning the IBF title over Stuart Hall

We will see two undefeated fighters, Caballero at 24-0 with 14 KOs, and De La Hoya standing at 19-0 with 9 KOs. Both men fight under Golden Boy Promotions, and as previously mentioned, Diego is Oscar’s cousin. Both are under 30 years of age and ready to make a big statement.

It should be a great fight and ones that the fans will enjoy. Whoever comes out the winner in this one will really move on to that next step in their career. TopClassBoxing wants to wish both competitors the best of luck.


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