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This weekend see’s one of 2017’s best match ups take place at New York’s Barclay Center in a battle between Three-Weight World champion Mikey Garcia and Four-Weight World champion Adrien Broner.

We at TopClassBoxing give our views on the fight:

Paul J Daley – Garcia UD Broner  – Before Floyd Mayweather stepped away from boxing, the natural fit for the man to lead the boxing landscape was the larger than life character of Adrien Broner, a brash Cincinnati resident blessed with boxing talent by the boat load, well that was the plan that since has taken a detour without ever knowing if he will return to take the mantle.

His less than savoury personal life interrupted those plans, leaving them in tatters with run-ins with Law enforcement and his regular visitation of the nearest strip joint taking centre stage on the merry-go-round that is Broner’s life.

Polar opposite, Mikey Garcia stands a professional in and away from the sport of boxing, in another career he could have been the guy slapping the cuffs on Broner passing his examination to be in law enforcement himself in providing a backup plan.

A few years away from a boxing ring due to a dispute with Top Rank, meant that Mikey cuts a figure in a rush to make up for lost time, standing in his way is his biggest test who promises a career’s best performance, I know, nothing we haven’t heard before by AB.

Often overlooked though is the courage Broner exhibits, because of his like him or loathe him persona it can become easy to forget that sure the guy has been defeated twice, even knocked down but always made it to hear the final verdict, even after being mauled by Marcos Maidana

If he turns up, mentally prepared, following the game plan put to him by his team there is a huge possibility that he wins this, the two men who holds wins over him are the aforementioned Marcos Maidana and Shawn Porter, both aggressive come forward styles which Mikey isn’t.

That being said, Mikey is in ascension, quite rightly the favourite going in, what I feel Mikey does better than most is adapt, a trait of great fighters. I feel he takes a couple of rounds to feel out the challenge before slowly but surely turning the tide in his favour. Broner will be dangerous throughout but especially late but by this time the contest I feel will be in Garcia’s favour as the judges are all in agreement of a winner.

Dean Berks – Garcia UD Broner – Adrian Broner could well be the poster child for all that is wrong with modern boxing. Winning titles in four divisions without proving to be the best in any of them, a classless, arrogant personality, unfortunately, used more and more to sell fights these days, the use of social media to share his own sordid activities, the list just goes on. But the biggest waste of all is that he genuinely has talent. Sharp, accurate counter punching, solid power, good footwork and tough-at-times to breach defence. There is no doubting that had he not started to believe his own hype he could have been one of boxing’s big attractions instead of a poor man’s Mayweather.

With Mikey Garcia, you are getting the complete antithesis of Broner. Completely professional in every way, Garcia goes about his business in the ring with methodical precision. Always in superb condition, he exhibits and executes a mastery of all the basic fundamentals of ring generalship. A powerful jab, fight ending power in both hands, great body punching, and underrated defensive skills have led to him becoming a three-division champion and one of the best fighters in the game. He has breezed past world class operators and carries himself with dignity. The fact that he agreed to step up in weight and take on Broner displays his confidence and competitive nature.

To win this fight Broner has to turn the clock back and produce his best. He has to take away Garcia’s jab and counter it enough with his own right so that Garcia becomes more hesitant to throw it. He also needs to utilise his movement and increase his punch output to try and take a win on the cards. For Garcia to win, he just has to continue to do what he does best. Dictate the pace and back Broner up, never giving him a second to get set. If he counters Broner’s right with his own and then moves off to his own right, Broner will become ineffective and unable to counter.

I believe you have two careers ascending in different directions here. This really is the last chance for Broner to become relevant again. A convincing loss and he will move forward with a win some lose some attitude. Garcia has the security blanket of holding a world title that isn’t on the line, so a drop back down to lightweight means he can continue without much worry, apart from his pride being dented. I don’t think that will be the case though. I expect Broner to have his moments, particularly early, but ultimately I expect Garcia to pound out a unanimous decision on the judges scorecards.

Steve Haigh – Garcia UD Broner – Here we have two top tier fighters that campaign at the highest level, one that recently fought at welterweight and the other being lightweight champion, on Saturday they meet somewhere near the middle In what should be on paper at least a pretty competitive duel.

A fair deal depends on what Adrien Broner turns up, I think it’s fair to assume that Mikey Garcia will be in top form under the watch of big brother but may concede 8-10lbs in weight on the night.I don’t see Garcia more than 147lbs fight night

I have to go with Mikey Garcia by decision but if he wins by stoppage it will be a statement against the heavier and durable Broner.

Lee Thornton – Garcia UD Broner – Mikey Garcia is the massive favourite in this fight against Adrien Broner. I believe however this fight will be much closer than the odds state.

Broner has the advantages in Competition faced along with hand speed. Mikey Garcia is the more active fighter and is a better counterpuncher. When looking at this fight I believe Mikey Garcia will win most of the early rounds using his jab. However, as the fight goes in the championship rounds I favour Broner as he has a history of being successful in applying pressure to his opponents and letting his hands go more often.

I expect this to a close fight. I am taking Mikey Garcia due to his punch diversity along with his ability to counter punch and be active. I believe Mikey Garcia survives this fight and wins a decision just being able to hold off a late rally by Adrien Broner.

Jonathan Harris – Broner UD Garcia – Head or Heart? With one of the biggest fights of Broner’s career fast approaching, My worry lies in not only the battle ahead of Adrien inside the ring, but the battle he faces with his demons outside of the ring with sometimes lack of commitment and distraction by the party life he has around him, with the negatives put aside I believe Broner’s talent could prevail with a stylish and technical win over the hard hitting, aggressive Californian, only time will tell.

Barbara Pinnella – Garcia UD Broner  – Adrien Broner (33-2, 24 KOs) is the bigger man in this one, and it is known that he can take a punch. His only losses have come at the hands of the very hard-hitting Marcos Maidana and former champion Shawn Porter, neither of which could knock him out. But Broner is also known to have problems with weight, losing his 140 pound title on the scales. He has a lot of reasons to make weight this time – $500,000 of them, to be exact. Adrien has also had trouble when fighting at 140 pounds and up. He will brawl more than box, particularly at 140.

Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KOs) has never fought at this weight and is stepping up to face Broner. A win here would be the push he needs to show that he is a top contender. Garcia exceeds his opponent in all of the boxing skills necessary to control the fight in the ring, as long as the weight does not get in his way. There is a

There is a good combined knockout percentage here, but I don’t think either man will be able to get that KO. I do think that Mikey will be able to take mental control of the fight and frustrate the emotional Broner.

Craig Morgan – Garcia UD Broner – This is an intriguing fight, where Garcia is the betting favourite.

Broner is the naturally bigger man, who’s had weight issues in the past. Garcia hasn’t fought above 138lbs in his career but Broner has fought as high as 147lbs.

Garcia has looked great since his return to the ring, after his legal issues with Top Rank. Broner has underperformed in the past but will be looking to prove a point in this fight, he’s taken this camp seriously, looked in good shape and seems to have been down to the weight early.

Garcia’s confidence is high, he’s looking to make up for lost time and prove himself to be one of the best boxers in the sport.

Both men hit hard and can take a good punch, For me, Garcia wins on points.

Alan Kindred – Garcia TKO Broner – I expect Broner to have moments early with his speed and size. I think he will likely get out to an early lead on the cards, as Garcia patiently studies him. As the rounds go by, however, I think Garcia will begin to time Broner with power shots which will make Broner less active. I think by the late rounds Garcia will pull ahead in the fight.

Despite being in better shape this time I think Broner’s partying life style could come back to haunt him in the late rounds of this fight as Garcia tees off on him. I expect Garcia to stop Broner late or win a comfortable decision.

Daz Lee – Garcia UD Broner  – Personally I think we will see Mikey Garcia victorious in his bout against Adrian Broner, in my opinion I believe AB hasn’t the desire he first started out with although I would love to be proved wrong as unquestionably he did/does possess a lot of talent, however, he does get side tracked and has had his problems outside the ring affecting his career.

I believe Mikey Garcia will out work Adrian Broner for most if not all the fight I don’t see AB doing much except sitting back trying to roll off Garcia’s shots waiting to counter but that would be no easy task.

I see Mikey coming forward pushing the pace and fighting his fight landing the more effective shots bagging the rounds as he goes, winning a landslide unanimous decision.

If AB does start firing back with any sort of conviction id imagine he leaves it to late similar to the Porter fight, both men possess power, however, I don’t think we see a KO.

Richard Lewis – Garcia UD Broner  – With all the recent fights and big announcements that have taken place recently this fight has almost gone under the radar. How I don’t know as it’s a great match up between two tough Boxers who to date have both accomplished several things in their careers to be proud of, though certainly in the case of Broner it’s often his actions outside of the ring that overshadows his achievements and ability in it.

Mikey Garcia on the other hand, having being forced into a period of inactivity between 2014-2016 looks like a man who means business having beaten the previously undefeated Dejan Zlaticanin by a devastating 3rd round KO last time out, taking the man from Montenegro’s WBC Lightweight title in the process.

Extending his record to 36-0 with 30 inside the distance I don’t think that Adrien Broner, despite his obvious big heart, has the ability to keep away from Garcia’s heavy hands and although the bigger man and from what I’ve seen looking leaner and sharp in sparring I still can’t see anything but a Mikey Garcia victory. I’d expect him to dominate the fight and either finish this in the later rounds as Broner tires or take a unanimous points decision.

Roy Talks Boxing – Garcia UD Broner – A fast first round with Garcia pressing the fight and Broner looking to counter like always. Broner will win the opening rounds until the late 3rd or opening 4th when Mikey starts landing punches and creating some setup shots.

In between Broner can still steal a round or two here and there, but over all Mikey Garcia will win by UD. I do not believe Mickey Garcia will be able to put a stop to Adrian Broner seeing how Marcos Maidana wasn’t able to. Also, Broner is known to be a long lasting fighter even when he has faded in the later rounds he has been known to still finish a fight. However, Mikey WILL score a knockdown and whoa the crowd.

Rob Day – Garcia UD Broner – 27-years-old and a four-weight World champion but instead of entering his prime, I feel Adrien Broner has already reached the heights and will struggle in the future. He has skills and ability but frustrates with his lack of work rate. He looks in shape but doesn’t live a clean life away from the ring.

Mikey Garcia, 29, is a three-weight World champion. He appears to be moving into his prime. A superb technician, who picks his shots and wastes little.

Broner needs this fight to re-light his career but I see him being picked off. There’s a strong possibility that Mikey will finish him off in the later rounds with sharp shooting.
Fantastic match-up and I am backing Garcia to remain unbeaten.

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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