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A couple of years ago if anyone involved in the boxing industry sat and told me with any level of seriousness that the best boxer of his generation Floyd Mayweather would be facing UFC superstar Connor McGregor in a boxing match I would have stood and laughed.

To now sit here a matter of weeks before the pair square off a feeling of bemusement is present with opinion severely divided as to why there is a demand for this fight.

On the first reflection, it is easy to see why there are so many many fascinated by the fight. McGregor is is a hugely popular figure who through the power of social media has been able to convince enough people that he actually could achieve the unthinkable and knock out Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor is a loud, extravagant, charismatic individual who guarantees entertainment both in the octagon and in his media commitments. He is a quick-witted man who loves to irritate any possible opponent and fans love him for doing so.

His fights have become major events and he has transcended the sport of MMA and taken the popularity of the UFC to new heights. Those who are not normally not interested in the sport turn on their televisions to watch McGregor win.

Floyd Mayweather, in contrast, is not so adored by fans with many tuning into his fights for years hoping to see him lose. Mayweather has made an incredible amount of money by getting people to pay to see him fight with the hope of defeat on their minds.

Yet again people are going to be watching the fight hoping to see Mayweather defeated but this time against a man who has never even had a professional boxing match.

In all honesty, a round of applause is due to all of those involved in the fight for somehow managing to make this fight such a big event.

Whilst there is no doubting McGregor’s credentials as a world class MMA fighter, he is not only going to be participating in a professional boxing match for the first time but he will do so against a man regarded by many as one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

Floyd Mayweather is not any ordinary boxer, he is a man who has made a career out of making other world level boxers look rather average. His defensive prowess often leaves opponents seeming completely ineffective from an offensive viewpoint.

Despite such, there are those out there who not only believe that McGregor can make this fight competitive but also believe that he can beat Mayweather. To believe such is at best extremely naive.

This fight will be as competitive or one-sided as Mayweather wants it to be. Yes, McGregor is famed for his stand up skills in the octagon this cannot be compared to the level of skill of an elite level boxer.

In all honesty, this fight is a complete mismatch with domestic level fighters posing a greater level of risk to Mayweather than McGregor. This may sound like a lot of McGregor hating and Mayweather loving but it is simply a reality check.

Whilst the fight is going to be a major event generating huge commercial value there are many questioning if it will prove good or bad for the sport in the long run.

The first train of thought says that the lack of competitiveness in the fight will lead to anger from the fans. There are going to be a lot of people spending a lot of money to see this fight and if it proves to be a one-sided affair then they could be unwilling to spend their hard earned cash on boxing again.

The second train of thought states that this is a one-off cross-over event purely focused on the main protagonists and that it will have no influence on the future of boxing.

The likely outcome is somewhere between the two with some fans going to be put off of the sport and many others see it for what it is, a one-off fight that has rather little to do with true boxing.

The fight can be summed up as follows. Mayweather can dominate McGregor in a boxing ring and make the fight as easy as he wants and McGregor would dominate Mayweather in an octagon.

They are both supreme athletes are their own discipline and to expect either one to step into the other man’s domain and win is illogical.

Nonetheless, with a worldwide media tour leading into the fight expect social media to be full of talk of the event.McGregor is likely to create headlines with his talk and the casual fan is going to lap up all that he has to offer.

Whether you like it or not this is going to be a highly anticipated contest that will create a huge buzz surrounding it. You will not be able to escape the fanfare so you have a choice, either embrace it or bury your head in the sand and log off of social media until September.


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