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Floyd Mayweather (49-0) admitted yesterday that it is getting increasingly difficult to “Push his Body” in preparation for Conor McGregor on August 26th.

The 40-Year Old previously retired in September 2015 after beating Andre Berto, equalling the record of Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 but Floyd confessed to not being able to do the same things he could in his youth: “deep in my heart, I know this is it”.

“I’m not the same fighter I was 21 years ago. I’m not the same fighter I was 10 years ago. I’m not even the same fighter I was two years ago,” Mayweather said.

“I spoke to Al Haymon (Mayweather’s advisor) and told him. Today we had a meeting.

“I can’t push my body, it’s gruelling. Training camp is gruelling. I can’t do it anymore. Training camp is rough. It has to be my last one.

“After taking a couple of years off, I was okay. But then we ended up somehow making this fight happen. Now I really know that this is it. Deep in my heart, I know this is it.”

The danger of overlooking a fighter, even as unfancied as McGregor is an ever present one which Mayweather accepts he cannot do.

“The last time I checked he’s still a professional fighter,” Mayweather said of his lightly-regarded opponent.

“He’s a stand-up fighter. He never took a loss fighting straight up. I can’t overlook that, because one shot can end your whole career. He’s a tough competitor but it is what it is.

“Conor really wants to win. Extremely badly. Other fighters it usually plays out two ways. Some guys play it safe and then some like Marcos Maidana go for the kill. I think he’s the Maidana-type. He’s a heavy-hitter so I have to be cautious. It’s going to basically be a toe-to-toe battle.”

Photo Courtesy of Esther Lin / Showtime 

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