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The sport of boxing is one which comes under constant scrutiny from those outside of the sport. Due to the physical, combat nature of the sport it naturally has it critics who blast the sport as savage and just an excuse for thugs to beat each other up.

This is, of course, a misunderstood comment from people who have no real insight into the sport. They see two people in a ring punching each other and believe that is it. They fail to see the skill of the highly trained athlete, the unrelenting will of a fighter determined to succeed, the strict rules and of course the sportsmanship of the two fighters at the end of the contest.

It is however understandable on some level that there are those who disagree with the sport. In a society in which we condemn violence, it is strange that combat sports are permitted. On the other hand, it fulfils the human attraction to violence.

For some reason, human being’s are attracted to violence. We see horror films posted all over the cinemas and televisions in which gruesome, sickening activities are carried out and nothing is said of it. There is just something that attracts us to violence and boxing comes into that category.

When people have asked me what I do in the past and I answer that I am an aspiring boxing journalist I get strange looks and am sometimes judged. They won’t say anything negative to me but I can see from the look on their face that some instantly think less of me.

When people dig a bit deeper and find out that I am a young man with a law degree then they start to realise that boxing is a sport which attracts not only the stereotypical loud-mouthed youth.

This is a first impression of the sport which is becoming less frequent with boxing now becoming popular again. The last few years has seen a resurgence of our great sport with huge match-ups such as Anthony Joshua Vs. Wladimir Klitschko grabbing public attention.

Boxing attracts people from all so-called social classes with its ability to shock and inspire. There is just something about boxing which cannot be replicated by any other sport.

Boxing is the epitome of the rise from nothing to stardom. Before our very eyes young people who are born into rough areas, who are expected to achieve very little prove the doubters wrong and prove not to be just another statistic.

In a world where so many are expected to achieve nothing crime and poor behaviour is a natural consequence. Boxing is a fantastic way of helping these young, often disillusioned people get back on the straight and narrow.

Boxing teaches discipline, determination and gives structure where other institutions and influences have failed to do so. The number of young people who have turned their lives around through boxing is countless and that will remain the case for years to come.

Boxing replicates the hardships of everyday life like no other sport. Boxers can train for years only to have their dreams destroyed by the politics of the sport and poor judging. In life, we often feel helpless to things beyond out power and boxing is no different

We see boxers robbed of decisions because they aren’t with the right promotional team or because they aren’t the big name in the fight. It is this very fight against the system which replicates society perfectly and helps us to relate to the boxers themselves in some small way.

Boxers are highly trained, skilful athletes who are too often labelled as bar-room brawler’s. They are far from it. Look at the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Guillermo Rigondeaux who are like artists painting on blank canvas when they enter the ring.

Their body movement and timing combined with speed and skill is a work of art that only a select few could ever dream of getting close to replicating.

When I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t look to those with bundles of money or great power for inspiration. I look to boxers for motivation.

These men and women put everything on the line each time they enter the ring in order to fulfil their dreams and entertain the fans.

The years of dedication, hard work and sheer desire that they show is awe inspiring. The general unwillingness to let a business which can rob you of your dreams, actually stop them from trying to achieve their dreams is something special to behold.

The never give up, no matter how tough things get attitude is refreshing and so often an underdog can enter the ring and come away the winner with pure determination the reason why.

Boxers are in many ways the modern day gladiators entering the Coliseum to entertain the blood-thirsty crowd. They should be held in the highest respect as they are willing to dedicate themselves to their craft in a way that not many of us are capable of.

If every man, woman and child showed the level of commitment that boxers do then I have no doubt in saying that this world would be a better place.

The thrill of knowing that one punch can end a fight and the excitement of two people giving everything that have got in the ring cannot be replicated by anything else for me.

Boxing is the noble art, I love it and I am proud to say so!


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