This huge clash in the welterweight division certainly didn’t disappoint.

Coming into the fight there was a major question mark around how Brook made the weight and in the end, many would agree it proved to be decisive, if not the decisive factor in the fight especially in the latter stages.

The first few rounds were evenly matched, indeed the American broadcasters Showtime who were also covering the fight had Brook up by a few rounds after six, whilst Sky saw it the same – even the most sceptical including Shawn Porter had it dead even after six. Both fighters seemed reluctant to completely let their hands go occasionally throwing flurries but not in longevity. Perhaps a sign of respect for each other’s power? Perhaps feeling each other out? Either way, the fight was not a foregone conclusion with neither fighter running away with the fight.

However, you could see during the first half of the fight that Spence nullified one of Brook’s defence strategies very effectively. Whenever Brook clinched, Spence kept his left hand loose, and would either throw a hook or uppercut to the body. Therefore, when Brook thought he was defending, by clinching, he was actually getting his body worked cleverly by the American. This would prove to be critical later on as Brook’s energy vanished towards the end.

Just after the 7th Brook broke his eye socket – the other eye socket and flashing images of GGG vs Brook came flooding back.

“It’s the same injury he sustained in the Golovkin fight but in the opposite eye,” Ingle told BBC Radio 5 live.


Brook went down in the 10th due to sustained attacks targeting his eye by the accurate Spence. Brook ended up taking a knee in the 11th with the fight ending there by TKO.

Spence’s impressive body work early on and imposing work on the inside, no doubt was a telling factor as the fight wore on with or without Brook’s damaged eye socket – and the TKO was the icing on the cake. By beating an elite welterweight in Brook and in such a remarkable manner speaks volumes about the fighter that is Spence. Indeed he answered many questions by beating the champion in his own backyard in front of hostile support.

Undeniably this is a changing of the guard, a new star is born: Errol Spence JR.


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