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Paul J Daley: (TopClassBoxing) Spence Jr UD Brook The U.S. pride themselves on dominance at Olympic games, known to select strong teams of finely tuned athletes to represent the star spangled banner, London 2012 was no different.

Names who had already caught my eye as an avid follower of the amateur side of the sport embarked on the British capital, such as Rau’shee Warren, Joseph Diaz, Jose Ramirez and Dominic Breazeale all of which ultimately produced sub-par performance, adding nothing to the trophy cabinet much to the disgruntlement of the U.S selectors.

Although the games were one that America would like to brush under the carpet, one name shone brighter than the rest, a Texan by the name of Errol Spence Jr who made it to the quarter-finals, instantly peaking my interest which hasn’t wavered since.

He comes to UK shores with expectations mounted, a quick, slick southpaw with a great shot selection as seen of twenty-one opponents, eighteen by way of knockout, showing power is also on his impressive list of traits.

It’s easy to become side-tracked by one of the sports more exciting talents, but the one glaringly obvious concern is that he has never swum with the sharks of the division, Chris Algieri, Leonard Bundu are the biggest names on his resume, good fighters in their own right but neither of which are notable punchers or someone who’s able to put him in a dog fight…..until now.

The champion doesn’t have those concerns, Kell Brook will stand across from him in the knowledge that he has mixed it with one of boxing’s biggest of punchers in Gennady Golovkin (albeit not favourably) plus he as also been in the trenches of battle against Carson Jones / Shawn Porter, each of these will give him confidence in turning back the challenge of Spence.

Kell is technically a solid fighter, holds a brilliant jab and follows instruction well from one of the best gyms in boxing

Batlle lines are drawn, becoming a case of who blinks first. I’ve waited for this moment for some time always with uncertainty the overriding factor, but sitting on the fence isn’t really my style, I’m a fan of Spence Jr, believing he will rise to the occasion after some gut-checking rounds, I feel he finds the answers for what the champion is asking, taking the title back to the lone star state.

Sam Constantinou Coulter (TopClassBoxing) –  Brook UD Spence Jr – Kell Brook versus Errol Spence is a fantastic matchup of two highly skilled fighters determined to prove themselves as the best at 147lbs.

Brook is the more experienced fighter who has faced a higher calibre of opponent in the likes of Shawn Porter and Gennady Golovkin.

He has proved himself a technically very good fighter with a fantastic jab and solid punch power.

Brook is as brave as they come having moved up two weight classes to challenge one of the most feared fighters in the world today in Golovkin.

Whilst Brook produced a good display he was overmatched against a much naturally stronger man and suffered a bad injury en route to a stoppage loss.

Questions surround Brook’s capability to come back down in weight and many feel this may well influence the fight in the later rounds.

Brook does, however, appear to have lost the weight gradually and seems very confident of victory on the night.

Errol Spence is the young, rising force in the welterweight division that is coming over to Britain with a huge reputation.

Spence is a former Olympian who has been labelled as the future of the division by the likes of Floyd Mayweather.

His best wins come against the likes of Leonard Bundu and Chris Algieri. The later had never been stopped in his career beforehand despite facing Ruslan Provodnikov and Manny Pacquiao.

Spence is a slick southpaw with good power and for many, he is the favourite coming into the fight.

There is no doubting that he has tremendous ability and I fully expect him to go on and have a highly successful career.

Personally, I see Brook walking away victorious with a points win. I don’t believe that we have seen the best of Brook yet and feel that he will have too much for Spence at this stage of their careers.

I expect a highly competitive fight but I expect Brook’s jab to be a crucial factor in ten fight allowing him to control the proceedings.

Home advantage could play a pivotal role and spur on Brook when the going gets tough.

So with everything weight up, I predict a Kell Brook win on points.

Rob Day: (TopClassBoxing)  Spence Jr  Saturday’s IBF welterweight title fight is another example of the great match-ups we’ve had in 2017. It’s been a bloody good year for boxing. Champion Kell Brook, takes on the latest American sensation Errol Spence Jr.

It’s a tricky one to predict. Kell has the best win on his resume (Shawn Porter) but is coming off a stoppage defeat (to middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin). Spence, on the other hand, has steadily racked up the wins, since turning professional in 2012. The competition has steadily got better and he’s looked mighty impressive all the way.

Saturday’s contest is a big jump up but his skill set looks like it will be able to handle it. It’s a credit to see such a highly touted prospect, leave his home country to challenge for the title.

He appears to be confident and will need to be when met by a hostile crowd. Brook will have some demons from his last defeat, it’s up to Spence to take advantage. I’m backing the American to prevail, in a fight that should be a technical battle. Spence’s speed the key.

Barbara Pinnella: (TopClassBoxing)   Spence Jr Dec Brook I am very excited for this fight and expect to see a great one. Both men have their advantages here. Kell Brook has one loss on his record, but that was to GGG, so throw that one away. He has the home field advantage, fighting in the United Kingdom. The fact that Spence is a southpaw might throw some boxers off – not Brook. He LOVES facing southpaws. He is also defending his IBF welterweight title and is not going to give that belt up easily.

Errol Spence Jr. has a four-year youth advantage and a three-inch reach advantage, but is that enough to get him the win? Many claim that he is the best fighter in his division and this will be his chance to prove it. He has a nice little string of knockouts and is undefeated, but Brook will be by far the toughest opponent he has faced to date. The 2012 Olympian has never ducked a fight and always wants to fight the best, and the victory here would propel him into upper-echelon fighter status.

Both men are strong and accurate and will come into the fight ready for battle. Deciding who will win is a tough one for me. It could really go either way, but if I must choose a winner I will give the VERY slight edge to Spence. If he loses, it will be because of the experience the battle-hardened Brook brings to the ring.

Steve Haigh: (TopClassBoxing)  Spence Jr UD Brook –  I was first asked who would win between Brook and Spence when the latter became mandatory challenger for the IBF title and my answer remains the same

I’m not sure about Brook and the weight anymore and especially as his last fight was at middleweight against Gennady Golovkin.

Forget the nonsense about how Kell wobbled GGG and that he “knocked the stuffing out of Golovkin, he was lucky to have a trainer that stopped the fight before he lost his eyesight or possibly worse.

So much depends on the weight issue and what Brook has left at 147lbs.If it becomes a dogfight then will those legs have the strength to carry him home?

Spence is a talent I’ve watched for some time with interest, he switches from head to body real smooth and punches with authority. also, he will have the advantage in dimensions being the talker and rangier of the two.

Can Errol Spence perform on a hostile ground and the biggest of stages when it matters the most?

I think he can and although he takes on a quality champion my guess is he’ll invest in the body from the get go.

Once the fight goes past 9 rounds I think Brook will be chasing a deficit from the skill of Spence who should have opened up a lead and will have to gamble, if he’s not done the weight correctly or hasn’t the strength Spence can finish it inside 12 rounds but my guess is that it will be points and the belt goes back to Texas unless there are some bad scorecards.

Dean Berks: (TopClassBoxing)  Spence Jr TKO Brook – Even before Kell Brook’s gallant but unsuccessful bid to unseat middleweight king Gennady Golovkin, I would have picked Errol Spence to dethrone him.

Spence, for me, has the look of a very special talent. While Brook has been putting away moderate opposition, Spence has been doing the same to those who have extended champions, Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman.

I would like to have seen Brook move to 154 lbs where his frame is better suited, but his fierce competitiveness has admirably seen him want to defend his title one more time. I just feel that Spence is the better all round fighter and the best fighter in the division. I believe his chin, which is probably the only remaining question mark, will be tested, but ultimately, he will prove too much for Brook. Spence by late stoppage.

I just feel that Spence is the better all round fighter and the best fighter in the division. I believe his chin, which is probably the only remaining question mark, will be tested, but ultimately, he will prove too much for Brook.

Richard Lewis: (TopClassBoxing)  Brook TKO Spence Jr – This fight has the potential to be a classic, the UK v the USA with two tough men, big punchers and both with impressive KO records. What better way to show that he is worthy of the world title that he’s carried since 2014 than for Kell Brook to beat the tough and highly rated Errol Spence Jr, in a front of a sold out Bramall Lane, home of his beloved Sheffield United.

What better way to show that he is worthy of the world title that he’s carried since 2014 than for Kell Brook to beat the tough and highly rated Errol Spence Jr, in a front of a sold out Bramall Lane, home of his beloved Sheffield United.

Errol Spence, who can call upon impressive KO wins over Chris Algieri and the tough Leonard Bundu in his last two outings should not be taken lightly, and with eighteen of his twenty-one wins coming by way of KO I think that he’ll look to use his power and dominate the early exchanges, of which Brook will have to be at his best and have a tight defence to take Spence’s best shots and fire back with some telling ones of his own.

As the fight goes on and if Brook can take it past the halfway stage I think that he’ll gain confidence, roared on by his hometown crowd and come into his own forcing a late stoppage with experience being the key, sending the steel city crowd into raptures.

A potential fight to remember and a career defining high for Brook in what I think will be his final act at 147 before he moves up to Super-Welter or even Middleweight, whilst Spence will come again and potentially establish himself as the no.1 Welterweight in the world adding several straps to his waist as he does so.

Craig Morgan: (TopClassBoxing)  Brook UD Spence Jr – Brook v Spence, it’s been a long time coming but well worth the wait.

Spence looks the real deal & has looked better every time that he’s been stepped up in class. A hard-hitting southpaw, who carries serious power but up until now, against lower level opposition.

Brook moved up to Middleweight in his last fight and faced the number 1 fighter in the division, the fearsome GGG, with no catch weight involved. Brook gave a good account of himself on the fight but GGG was naturally a lot bigger and forced an injury stoppage.

Brook has underrated boxing skills and has more experience than Spence. Both men may hit the canvas at some point, as each of them are big punchers.

After seeing a video of Brook today (Wednesday), weighing 148lbs, 2 days out from the weigh in, he’s obviously made the weight the correct way. The weight factor was always a talking point but if anything, Spence looks a slightly naturally bigger man than Brook.

Spence is the betting favourite but I feel that Brook can control the majority of the fight and get a close points win.

Lee Thornton: (TopClassBoxing)  Brook UD Spence Jr – Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr I believe will be an outstanding fight. When breaking down both fighters I believe the power, Body Punching and ring generalship factors would favour Errol Spence Jr in this match. However, I believe Kell Brook has the best jab in the welterweight division, movement and an excellent right hand with vicious uppercuts that are an underrated weapon for him.

When picking a winner for this fight I am taking the underdog Kell Brook in this fight. I believe Kell Brooks jab will be a great weapon against Errol Spence Jr and a lacklustre defence will cause Spence Jr to be hit by a very accurate puncher in Kell Brook who doesn’t throw wide punches that can be countered.

Errol Spence Jr loves to set his feet before he sets up shots, Kell Brooks jab and movement along with punching power I feel can really cause major issues with Spence Jr’s style.

There is a chance that Errol Spence Jr may bully Kell Brook and use his power and body punching along with size advantage to overcome the skills Brook has.

Spence Jr will take advantage of Kell Brook when he is on the ropes. Brook must be aware of his defensive positioning.

I am picking Kell Brook by UD due to experience, his superior defence along with his outstanding jab and right hand with movement.

Brook being the hometown fighter should help him with the judges. However that’s not a knock on the judging in the U.K every country has bad judges, for example, C.J Ross of America is the worst judge in combat sports history I truly believe. Let’s hope we get a good clean fight with no controversy and the rightful better man wins.

Kell Brook 4 – 5 Spence Jr

I've been in the boxing industry for over 16 years but been a fan for almost double that figure. I'm the proud owner of TopClassBoxing which continues to go from strength to strength as we strive to give fight fans a voice to be heard amongst the community. I've also had several articles published by reputable magazines and you can usually catch me around ringside.


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